Lent 2013, VI

VI. Okay, so I ended up dipping back into the supernatural
realm, even though I was trying to stay merely natural for a while. It’s not
surprising, now that I think about it. That’s what lent is all about. In the
last paragraph I was talking about two different things, really. There is a
difference between giving up a disordered desire to make room for an ordered
natural desire, and giving up an ordered natural desire to make room for a
supernatural desire. All life is about the first, Lent is about the second. But
since I still don’t have a perfect handle on the first I’m going to put some
more thought into ordinary life before I move on to Lent. Ordinary life (which
is the most extraordinary thing imaginable) is a gift. It is a beautiful and
wonderful thing which, sadly, we humans have managed to turn into a nightmare
at times. So it is a natural good which has been corrupted and needs to be
restored, but in order to restore it, we have to know how it was corrupted in
the first place. In other words, “What did Adam and Eve throw out of whack?”

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