Lent 2013, XXIV

XXIV. God cannot be in competition with His creatures. This
is a principle I learned from Fr. Robert Barron’s “Catholicism.” It simply means
that God, being infinite and the base of all existence, simply cannot compete
with His creatures. In order for competition to take place there must be some
common ground, something that both sides need, some battlefield for them to
meet on. But with God, there is nothing we can take away from Him, no resource
we both need that we can argue about. He can only give and give and give
because He is love. So as C. S. Lewis would say, it is not strictly speaking,
possible to love any good thing too much. It is not that we love the things of
earth too much, but that we love God too little. When we seek first the Kingdom
of God and His righteousness, everything else falls into place. Everything else
works together for good for us, precisely because we love God first.

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