Lent 2013, XXIX

XXIX. This insight from Mother Teresa is pretty exciting to
me. There is a time for soul searching and laborious discernment of God’s will,
but that is not how we were meant to live our entire lives. That is a recipe
for a life wasted in uncertainty, immobilized by fear. Instead I am meant to
love God, and then follow my heart, trusting that He is shaping that heart
according to His plan. So it turns out that trust really is the answer,
following the good that is given in this moment, confident that it was given to
me because it, and nothing else, is what I need right now. Following the path
that God has set my feet on, knowing that He is in control. Why should I worry
about it? Has He ever violated my freedom? Never! Has He ever forced me to do
anything? Never. Everything that He has led me to do, I have chosen. I didn’t
always know He was leading me, but it becomes clear in retrospect. I did not
know the right choice, but I did it. God does not require my certainty, only my
trust. Blessed Be HE.

1 Comment

  1. Great point about trusting God, sometimes the hardest part is living a life of trust (or maybe that is just my struggle:)!
    Oh, just a small note about your last post: I like how you pointed out that talking with that person was the good that God was calling you to do at the moment… however, if you are a Catholic you can never really have a 'secular' conversation since in all we do, in how we respond in conversation, in how we listen to others, we should be 'Catholic.' I hope that that makes sense.
    Again, thanks for this post. Have a blessed Palm Sunday and Holy Week.
    God bless,


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