Family Friday 1

Evie and Mama at the Cemetary Evie and Mama at the Cemetary

Kathleen and I have decided to try doing a weekly post in which we do not discuss deep, messagy things, but rather just give you a glimpse into our lives, with some pictures and a recap. So, here goes, #FamilyFriday 1.0.

Kathleen: Memorial day tradition in my family has always been to visit the various local cemeteries where prior generations got laid.

Ryan: Ummm…. where they what?

Kathleen: Were laid to rest, you know? Not brown-chicken-brown-cow.

Ryan: Okay, just making sure. Continue…

Kathleen: We clean the head stones and put out lots of flowers and the living get together and remember the dead. This was Evie’s first year, obviously, as she is only three months old. But she helped put flowers on her great-great-grandparents.

Ryan: It’s like when I was learning the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, and I got the two lists mixed up, so I said, “Bury the living and the dead.”

Kathleen: There is a monolith in a grove of rhododendrons with the Sacred Heart of Jesus carved on it. Some years we give that a bath too.

Ryan: We ran into some old friends…

Kathleen: Cousins. They are cousins.

Ryan: Of course. So is everyone at the Swiss Park. Y’all’s family tree is a spider-web.

Kathleen: Yep, but that’s better than a telephone pole.

Ryan: The whole visiting the cemetery thing was never very important to me. I like picnics in cemeteries because they are quiet and clean and the locals don’t bother you much, but putting flowers on headstones was never my thing. My mom likes doing it a lot.

Kathleen: So that’s why you took me on a date to a cemetery? Because the locals are quiet?

Ryan: Yeah, I knew we wouldn’t be disturbed, and you wouldn’t be weirded out by it. It is good for Evie, too, to learn that connection to her ancestors. All we need now is a great stone dragon.

Kathleen shaking her head: I am not sending her to war to find a husband. Let’s move on to the next adventure.

For Memorial Day itself we did a little experiment. We decided to find out what happens when you take a 13 week old baby on a 3-hour hike with friends. Uncle Adam and Aunt Maryanne picked the route and invited our Bible study group, Mass Consumption. The trail was Paul’s Peak Trail in Mt. Ranier National Forest. In retrospect it might have been a bit ambitious as a choice for a first time hike. I feel like a number of comfort zones were exceeded. Evie’s however, was not.

It's diaper change time! It’s diaper change time!

This little girl is crazy. She sat in the baby carrier all day and bobbed up and down the trail. She looked at trees, and bushes, and flowers, and rocks, and slugs, and water, and all sorts of cool things like that.

She slept a little bit, but mostly she was awake, playing around. If Daddy stopped moving too long she would start bouncing her arms and legs and grunting urgently around the pacifier, as if she was saying, “Get a move on there! Life’s too short to spend it lollygagging around!”

After the hike she did not sleep for any appreciable length of time until 10:30 at night. She was still pumped, and she wanted to talk about everything she had seen and done. Typical girl, bless her lil ol’ heart!

Adventures is serious business! Adventures is serious business! Kathleen is enjoying herself some nature. Kathleen is enjoying herself some nature. Family picture at almost the end of the hike. Just another half mile to go. Uphill the whole way. Without switchbacks. Family picture at almost the end of the hike. Just another half mile to go. Uphill the whole way. Without switchbacks. Great time with friends and family and nature. Great time with friends and family and nature.


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