As in a Mirror, Brightly!

In a recent post I talked about how much Evie hates her carseat, because she hates to be all by herself in the back seat. Well, today a minor crisis came up and we had to improvise a childcare solution. Evie gets to spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa but I had to drive her up to Bonney Lake to drop her off.

As I was walking out of the kitchen in a bit of a rush I happened to see a baby shower gift that we had been given by someone. It was a small mirror that clips onto the handle of a car seat, or suction cups to the back window behind a carseat, so that you can see your rear-facing baby in the rear view mirror.

This picture was taken while the truck was stationary and idling. This picture was taken while the truck was stationary and idling.

Guess who was happy and content the whole way to Bonney Lake!

Such a simple thing, and yet it mirrors God’s care of us (get it? Mirrors? Hee hee hee!) We were made for God and our hearts are endlessly longing for Him the way Evie longs to be held by Mommy and Daddy. But we are on a trip, and we are not big enough to ride up front with Him yet. He knows that we would be heartbroken if He left us all by ourselves in the backseat, so sometimes He comes back and joins us, and sometimes He leaves us a mirror that can reflect a little bit of Him back to us. Not the whole Him, obviously, but just enough so that we can glance up from time to time and be reminded that He is there.

Because He loves us!

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