Family Friday 21

Dear Friends and Family, This is our first blog written exclusively on the new platform. We had to make the shift from squarespace to WordPress because squarespace was just having too many issues and not being user friendly enough on Ryan’s Mac.

Oddly enough, not much has really happened this week. That is to say, we did some cool stuff. For instance on Friday we went out with another couple whose wedding we attended a few months ago. Keep them in your prayers, as they have a lot going on right now, including a new house, a death in the family, a baby on the way and an upcoming deployment. We went out to dinner with them at an Italian restaurant (the baby was hungry for Italian apparently) and had a great time.

But we took no pictures, so you can’t see that. You’ll just have to go have dinner with your own friends. Bummer, right?

Family Friday 21 (1)We visited Aunt Dude and Great-Great-Aunt Dolly on Sunday. Evie was over-joyed to get outside in the grass and sun. She picked her first apple right off the tree and commenced to gumming it with all her might.

Mmmm.... Apples!
Mmmm…. Apples!

She had fun chasing shadows in the grass. She was very perplexed as to why she couldn’t catch them. She even tried chasing her own shadow once, but it turns out the faster you chase it, the faster it runs away (or crawls, in Evie’s case). Sigh.

Come here, big black thing! I must eat you in order to discover what you are! Stop moving!
Come here, big black thing! I must eat you in order to discover what you are! Stop moving!

This was a picture of Kathleen taken at Aunt Dude’s house when she was a little girl.

Family Friday 21 (16Mommy redid the picture with Evie and Aunt Dude.

Evie didn't want to pose like Mommy. Evie doesn't like posing at all.
Evie didn’t want to pose like Mommy. Evie doesn’t like posing at all.

Then we went to visit Great-Great-Aunt Dolly, (we call her Grandma Dolly). She tried to hold Evie, but Evie was having none of it.

No, for Evie must move!
No, for Evie must move!

She didn’t want to sit still at all, not even for a few seconds. Plus, she was getting tired, hungry and cranky from being too excited to nap. Funny how that works. She passed out shortly thereafter and slept for the next hour and a half.

Family Friday 21 (11Back at home school and work continued as usual. We built a tunnel/lair/fort for Evie in the family room by draping a blanket over the coffee table.

But it's dark in there. Do you think there are monsters?
But it’s dark in there. Do you think there are monsters?

She wasn’t sure about it at first, but she warmed up to it pretty quickly.

Family Friday 21 (5)
See? It isn’t so bad, Daddy. You can do it!

Evie tried beets for the first time this week. The first thing she did after the first spoonful was wipe the excess beets from her mouth up across her face.

Family Friday 21 (6)Then of course that was so much fun that she had to do it again. And again, and again, and again.

Family Friday 21 (7)What we learned from this is that Beets + Evie = Bath.

Yesterday (thursday) Mommy took the day off from work to go to a baby items swap meet with a bunch of her friends who are also having babies or shopping for people who are having babies (dang, where do all these babies come from?) She also bought Evie some bigger outdoor clothes, because Evie continues to insist upon growing.

Family Friday 21 (15Then she came home and made some dough for Swiss Christmas cookies.

Cookie Dough anyone?
Cookie Dough anyone?

Christmas cookies, you ask? In October you exclaim? Ah, but what you need to realize is these are Swiss Christmas Cookies. The way these cookies work, you have to make the dough and then let it age for days or even weeks before you make the cookies, and then let the cookies age for weeks before you eat them. The longer they age the better they are.

We also went to the park to let Evie play in the grass, and Ryan and Kathleen did some exercising. But, again, we did not take pictures. You’ll just have to go do your own workout in the park.

Bummer, right?

Have a good weekend, Y’all. God Bless!

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