Family Friday 28

What did we do last week? I don’t remember. That was a long time ago. Kathleen remembers, though. She remembers everything.Family Friday 28 17

Matthew was here!Family Friday 28 8

That’s right, folks, the youngest Kraeger brother flew out from the East Coast to hang out with us for thanksgiving, and to be godfather for Baby Edmund’s christening. We went to visit them on Friday night and Uncle Matthew got to hold his nephew/godson for the first time.

Family Friday 28 9
Evie heard the sounds of distress from Sir Edmund’s room, so she had to go and make sure her baby cousin was okay.



Last week you saw the after effects of the Thanksgiving meal. Since no one likes to be all heavy and sluggish we decided to go on an adventure. Evie and Mommy went for a walk:Family Friday 28 20

And visited the Fort Nisqually living history museum. Family Friday 28 1Unfortunately there was more history than livingness. There was only one human roleplayer there, and she was not especially convincing. The chickens, however, were spot on period accurate chickens. They played their role like they were born to it. (Hatched to it?) Family Friday 28 3 Evie enjoyed hanging out in the garden. She was very subdued over the weekend, and we thought for sure she would start sprouting some teeth, but after days of drooling, crankiness, acidic runny poops and general unhappiness, we still have no teeth. Oh well.

But I digress. In the meantime, while Evie and Mommy were walking, Daddy and Uncle Adam and Uncle Matthew went for a nice, easy five mile run. Family Friday 28 21



Of course it started out a nice easy run, probably would have taken us only about 40 minutes, but at some point someone decided to run down the trail to the beach. Now, Point Defiance is a fairly sharp sided plateau that sticks out into the sound. It has very steep sandy walls that drop abruptly onto the beach, and there are only a few ways up and down those sides. Unfortunately, Uncle Matthew prides himself on making trails where there aren’t any, and climbing up things that most sane people would never want to climb up because of the risk of sand in your shoes and eyes and other sensitive regions; not to mention the possibility of falling without any protection or belay capability to prevent death, disfigurement and other such inconveniences.

Ryan and Adam, being older, wiser and (more to the point) a whole lot heavier, attempted the climb only a few times before realizing that they were simply not going to make it up that slope. So they had to drop back down and jog along the beach until the dirt tightened up a bit and they were able to make the climb.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the upshot of all of this was that what should have been a 40 minute easy jog, turned into a nearly two hour endurance event, and resulted in sand in the shoes, eyes and other sensitive regions. Oh well. Cest la vie.Family Friday 28 10

The menfolks went shooting on Saturday morning. Uncle Adam is a little rusty, but he still looks cool.Family Friday 28 11

Matthew, on the other hand, looks goofy as heck, but turns out he can actually shoot pistol pretty well. Family Friday 28 12

You can’t really see it, but that is 25 rounds in the “A” zone of the head portion of the silhouette at 10 yards. Not terrible anyway.

Meanwhile the women folk and babies hung out at our house and shopped for Christmas presents and such. Aunt Maryanne managed to snap this beautiful picture…

Family Friday 28 6
Sir Edmund looks like he’s about to hang loose, brah! Poor Evie is not feeling good.

And then we all had fondue for lunch. It was quite delicious, nutritious and filling, but not for the faint or heart, or the intolerant of lactose. The rule is that if you lose the food that you are dipping in the pot, you have to kiss the cook.Family Friday 28 13

Aunt Maryanne lost her food a couple of times, and blamed it on the fact that she was also holding the baby, but Kathleen still cut her no slack. These Swiss folks are such sticklers for fondue etiquette.

We regret that we did not take any pictures of Sir Edmund’s baptism, but Evie was not feeling well at all and we were busy with her during the Mass. We did not even go to the after-party, but came straight home.Family Friday 28 15

Evie needs snuggles with Daddy and Edgar. (Edgar is the Elephant).Family Friday 28 16

But frozen peaches in Evie’s fruit-holder thingy were a big hit. She likes the cold things on her gums, and peaches are just delicious at any time.

Ryan got his official welcome packet from the University of Washington:Family Friday 28 4Along with it, came a breakdown of tuition and other costs:Family Friday 28 5Fortunately, I have the GI bill. Thank you Uncle Sam.

We had a cold snap over the weekend that lasted for several days. We didn’t get any snow, but our cul-de-sac is so shaded that the frost never melted during the day. It just kept getting frostier and frostier.Family Friday 28 14


Which is kind of dangerous for driving, but quite pretty to look at.

Kathleen had to work nights this week. Evie doesn’t like it when Mommy works nights, because she misses her best night-time snuggle buddy. (Daddy is not nearly as good because he only pretends to fall asleep and then bugs out. Mommy actually falls asleep with Evie.)Family Friday 28 18

So needless to say, Evie was quite happy to get up from her nap this afternoon and find Mommy napping on the couch.Family Friday 28 19

And Mommy was happy to see Evie too!

And that’s all for this week folks. Take care of yourselves. It’s a dangerous, crazy world out there, but Jesus wins in the end, so happy second week of Advent!

Can we get an Amen!

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