Family Friday 29

Family Friday 29 24
Vacation, huh? That’s real funny, Daddy! Now hold still so I can pound on your tummy with my fists.

Once again, a week goes by and no blogging is forthcoming. This despite Ryan being off for winter break. What happened to all that time he was going to have for reading and writing, now that he has no more studies to keep him occupied? What happened to all those projects planned for the first week of blessed vacation?

In a word, Evie happened.

Not really. Evie has been a very good baby, as always, and if she takes up the majority of our spare time that is solely because we choose to have it so. We decided as parents that time spent with our children (assuming we have more than one, eventually) was a priority. Besides, next year Ryan is going to start working 40-60 hour weeks again, and Evie is really going to miss Daddy then. So if we try to minimize time without parents during vacation at the cost of other hobbies and projects, well, that’s life.

Family Friday 29 17
Raining? What do you mean, raining? That’s not fair!

I suppose the answer is to sleep less, and do all those hobbies and projects after Evie goes to bed or before she wakes up.

Kathleen says, “Ha!”

All that is not to say that nothing has gotten done around here this week. A scandalously long list of non-functional lights are now functioning; the house is covered with Christmas lights (that was a cold, miserable job. It was 35 degrees and pouring rain the entire time); and the back yard is finally leaf and windfall free. The leaves are not coming back until next fall, so that’s great! Windfall? Well, that happens all year round.

The inside of the house has also been Christmassed up a bit. Kathleen is more into that than Ryan is (because Ryan is a curmudgeon), so she handled most of the inside decorations.Family Friday 29 16

And of course we try to make time for other things as well, besides projects and playing with Evie. We had our friend Ryan (A.K.A. “The Other Ryan,” or “Eastern Ryan” [because he is Eastern Catholic, as opposed to our Ryan who is Roman or Western Catholic]). He is quite a renaissance man, being a theologian and philosopher, as well as an anglophile and something of a connoisseur of tea, sandwiches and “crisps”.

Family Friday 29 19
This is an Evie’s-Eye-View of a conversation between big people.

He came over on Saturday to join us for tea and a few hours of conversation about topics ranging from countries we have traveled in to the Eastern vs. Western interpretations of the role of the diaconate, to a huge chunk of time spent on theological interpretations of the Genesis 1-3 narrative. Definitely one of the best conversations we have enjoyed in a very long time.

Which could inspire a rant on how few of our conversations in modern, western civilization are really substantive, but let’s not.

We visited Uncle Adam and Aunt Maryanne on Sunday, and Evie got to hang out with her favorite baby cousin.

Family Friday 29 22
Daddy’s phone always takes blurry pictures.
Family Friday 29 21
That cardboard box is one of Evie’s favorite toys. Thank you Grandma Kraeger!

Uncle Adam is almost done with his semester.

No, actually I lie. He is done with his quarter, because this week was finals week, and University of Washington is on a quarter system, not a semester system. You would think that having been a full time student for over a year now on the quarter system I would be used to it, but I am not.

The really big project this week has been a bit of kitchen remodeling. One of Kathleen’s co-workers has a brother who is a contractor, and we hired him to widen the doorway that runs from the kitchen into the dining room. It is a pretty straightforward job, and doesn’t look like it will be too expensive, but it should vastly improve the usable space in the kitchen. It should also make pizza parties more convenient, since those entail a whole lot of people coming and going through that doorway all day, laden with food. Family Friday 29 7 Family Friday 29 8  Family Friday 29 10  Family Friday 29 14

Speaking of which, we are planning a pizza party on Saturday (tomorrow), which means that kitchen needs to be finished and cleaned by this evening! Will our heroes make it in time? Or will they be unable to keep the plaster dust out of the dough? Be sure to tune in next time for the exciting conclusion….

Last night was a big night for Evie! She got to stay over at Grandma and Grandpa’s house for the very first time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This staying over night was to allow Mommy and Daddy to have a date night in Seattle. It was pretty cool! We got to pretend to be adults and act like we were, you know, romantically involved, in addition to being partners in diaper changing, baby wrangling and house-cleaning. We went to the Taphouse Bar and Grill in downtown Seattle, (160 beers on tap, great food, and not too expensive by Seattle standards. We highly recommend it!)

We then went to see “The Sound of Music” at the 5th Avenue Theater. It was a pretty good production, but in my Ryan’s opinion, not as good as their amazing “Pirates of Penzance” that they did last year. Ryan had never seen the play before, only the classic movie version with Julie Andrews and Christopher plummer (no pressure, right?). He agreed with the movie maker’s decision to leave out some of the songs, cut down on the endless number of reprises, and rearrange the order in which the songs appear. Kathleen, however, has seen the play before and performed in it, and she was disappointed that they left out one of her favorite songs “Two Millionaires.”

So it was an enjoyable evening, but due to privacy and copyright and stuff like that we were unable to take pictures of the performance. Allow us to share with you instead this picture of the stage, sporting a purple curtain.Family Friday 29 25Schnazzy, right? You want to see more, go on your own date.

In other news…Family Friday 29 20


Congratulations to Kathleen’s Co-worker Julia for getting published in the Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography!

We hope you guys are having a good Advent Season.

Make sure you don’t get too hectic and stressed out with all of the trimmings and forget the essence. Try to follow Evie’s example and make some time for a few good books!

Family Friday 29 6

Until next time, God Bless, and prayers from the Kraegers

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