Family Friday 30

Well, last week was definitely eventful. It was full of events, starting with…

The Return of the Kraeger Pizza Party!

That’s right folks. After months and months of having almost all of our time taken up by work, school and childrearing the intrepid Kraeger parents have finally decided to bite the bullet and clean the house enough to have company over, and to make pizzas.

(If I were computer savvy enough I would have done that as a Star Wars opening crawl, but I am not, and I don’t have time to learn this morning.  I give you permission to imagine it as a Star Wars opening crawl).

Family Friday 30 18Making pizza for a party is a very involved process. Traditionally Ryan makes the dough in the morning a little before lunch and then lets it sit for a few hours. Around one or two in the afternoon we start making ingredients, and the pizzas go together around four, so the first two can be in the oven and done by five.

However, those pizza parties typically run until midnight, which doesn’t work well with Evie in the house. She needs her sleep, whether she likes it or not. We planned this one to kick off at two, so it necessitated getting started a little bit earlier.

First step is some tunes and some pizza pans, and ingredients spread willy-nilly everywhere.

Family Friday 30 1

I never used to make the dough in a mixer, but I have since found that for double doughs with white flour it actually works better. These were some of the most stretchy and elastic doughs I have ever made.Family Friday 30 2

Evie wants to help by chewing on Daddy’s new coffee mug, courtesy of DeEspressoLiber. It is shiny and makes cool noises when dropped on the tile floor. Evie very much approves.

Family Friday 30 3

Uncle Andy came over to help make the pizzas, and we put him to work.

Family Friday 30 14Let’s Play Hide and Go Seek!

As you can see, our doorway remodel is mostly finished, although a strip of tape remains covering the unvarnished threshold board, and the trim needs some finishing. We need to get to that someday…

But back to the pizza.

Family Friday 30 15

Topping pizzas is fairly involved work. Each dough is made with a specific set of ingredients in mind, and since we made ten doughs (A double Italian herb, a single Italian herb, a double white garlic, a double cornmeal, a double whole wheat, and a single rye) that means preparing ten sets of ingredients, and keeping them separate and organized. Family Friday 30 4

But they look great when they are done.

Family Friday 30 5
Havarti, apple, salami and crushed walnut with a sweet Spanish tomato sauce on garlic white dough. This one goes like hot cakes.

Unfortunately we forgot to take any pictures of the finished product. We were too busy cooking and serving and eating them. We cooked and served ten pizzas in under an hour and a half, which is way faster than we have ever done it before. The new wider kitchen door makes all the difference.

Of course the best part is the party afterwards, featuring a white elephant gift exchange.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Evie was chasing her buddy Noah, trying to steal his pizza.

Family Friday 30 10

We are working on sharing and taking turns, but so far Evie’s favorite turn is Evie’s turn. Oh well.

This week was also Kathleen’s Birthday! She turned 26, Again!Family Friday 30 11

(That’s kind of a joke, since Ryan can’t remember how old she is so he just says she’s 26. He doesn’t remember how old he is either, so he just says he is 30. Saves remembering a whole new number every year, just stick with the old one).

Anyway, for her birthday, Ryan and Kathleen dropped Evie off with Grandma and Grandpa and went skiing at Crystal Mountain. It has been over two years since either of them have put on skis. It took Ryan all morning to get warmed up, and by that time Kathleen was pretty well worn out. Sigh.

Family Friday 30 12Not to mention the weather conditions turned against us. When we first started it was so warm out that Ryan took the opportunity to wash his beard in the snow. By noon the top of the mountain was completely invisible due to fog and snow, and by 1:00, even the lowermost runs had reduced visibility, down to about 50 feet. It even resulted in Kathleen taking a mighty spill because she couldn’t see a giant hole in the snow and ran straight into it.

So we decided to call it a day and go back to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a birthday dinner.Family Friday 30 13

And so, Kathleen is now a year older and a year wiser, and we have a new niece as well! Ryan’s oldest brother, Ian, and his wife Melissa, had their little baby girl this week!

So the family keeps on growing. Hope you are all having a great advent and preparing to celebrate Christmas with love and thanksgiving. God Bless!

Family Friday 30 19

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