Family Friday 34

Family Friday 34 13Not much has happened this week. It has been quiet and uneventful, except for the continuation of day-to-day business and projects. Ryan (finally) finished the gates to block off the end tables in the family room!

Yay! Now Evie can’t crawl underneath the table and the chairs can return to their full upright position and be used for sitting upon once again.

We went to a birthday party for a friend on Saturday. Some of our good Catholic young adult friends were being excellent role models for Evie. She got to eat her first sword…Family Friday 34 12

And almost got to drink her first beer!

Family Friday 34 1
Well, I am a baby, and you did put the beer within my reach. What did you expect?

Mommy had to work night shift Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and Daddy was working on National Guard stuff all day during the week, so this little family really hasn’t seen a lot of each other this week. Daddy and Evie had to go to MC by ourselves on Monday evening.

One of our Jesuit friends kindly let Evie borrow his Bible.

The worst part of the busy week is that the weekend may not be much better. Kathleen is on call Friday night and Sunday, and Ryan has National Guard stuff on Sunday. Hopefully we can get out and do something fun together on Saturday.

Family Friday 34 2
Evie helps with the (diaper) laundry!

Uncle Adam and Aunt Maryanne came over for dinner on Wednesday night. Evie was excited to see her baby cousin. Edmund is more movable now. He can hold his head up and look around, and he takes more active interest in everything that’s going on.Family Friday 34 7

Evie can’t wait for him to get big enough for them to have adventures together!

Family Friday 34 8
What’cha doin’ in there, Edmund?

Hopefully between our two families we can figure out a way to reconcile our schedules so these two cousins can grow up together. God willing!

Then they will be able to ride elephants together!Family Friday 34 11

We hope you all had a good week, and my God grant you a wonderful weekend. God Bless!

Family Friday 34 9

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