Family Friday 36

The business, and hence the lack of regular blogging, continued this week, although we are hoping to get a little bit back on track next week. Most likely that is just a pipe dream, but it is good to have hopes.

Last Saturday we went to the wedding of a very dear friend of ours. Mommy was singing, and Evie was helping her.

Family Friday 36 14
Lots of friends in this picture!

Evie’s Godmother, Auntie Danica was there. Family Friday 36 13

Auntie Danica moved up to the great wild north a few weeks ago, because she got a new job, and we were sorry to see her go. But she has a boyfriend up there who seems pretty cool, so we are excited about that.Family Friday 36 12

The couple saying their vows.

Family Friday 36 11

Ryan always thinks he looks weird in a suit. Kind of like his head is too small for the rest of him. A little bit “Hitman”-esque. But when the family gets dressed up we have to try to get at least one picture, even though Evie seems intent on looking anywhere but at the camera.

sophia and Sanjiv wedding

Congratulations Sophia and Sanjiv!

After the wedding we had an impromptu gathering at our house for all our MC friends, since the reception was about three hours after the ceremony and it was a couple of blocks from our place. It was a last minute thing, but it came together pretty well.

Family Friday 36 10
Evie and Noah playing with Noah’s Ark. (Actually it’s Evie’s Ark, but it’s Noah’s Ark, but it belongs to Evie…)

Daddy has been working on National Guard stuff all week. Totally top secrets stuff, of course (*cough* sarcasm *cough), but he can say that he moved 48 wall lockers single-handedly on Monday. America’s elite, right there folks.

Family Friday 36 8
Evie is getting so tall!

Mommy tried out some new body jewelry, a lip ring and a dangly earring in the Church parking lot before Mass Sunday Morning.

Family Friday 36 7
She’s a mom, but she’s also a rebel.

And after Mass we said “Hi” to our friends the Bernals. Evie said Hi to her friend Dillon.Family Friday 36 6

We decided to go visit Mommy at work on Monday. Evie thought that was a lot of fun.Family Friday 36 2

She got to be in charge.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And Daddy got the first few coats of mineral oil on the interior of the pizza box.

Family Friday 36 1
Shaping up pretty nicely!

Keep us in your prayers this weekend as Ryan and Kathleen go to New Mexico for a fellow Green Beret’s memorial ceremony. Remember to pray for other people, especially those who most need it.

See you next week! God Bless!

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