Family Friday 38

I know, I know, it’s almost Saturday, especially if you’re from East Coast parts. It has been a busy week and a super busy day, preparing for Someone’s First Birthday Party tomorrow.

Who, me?

The day has been one long flurry of house cleaning.

But we did manage to have some fun times this week.

On Saturday Morning Daddy and Evie went to Adoration, Benediction, Mass and Confession. It was a sacramental Grand Slam!Mommy couldn’t come because she was on night shifts and was sleeping.

Family Friday 38 10
That’s a long time for a baby girl to sit still, so we let her run around in the back of Church between Benediction and Mass.

Evie and Daddy got up very, very early on Sunday, and went out to watch the sun rise.Family Friday 38 7

I love when the sun casts the Mountain’s shadow across the clouds.

Family Friday 38 6

Goober grins!Family Friday 38 8

At Mass on Sunday Evie visited with Saint Joseph and Baby Jesus. She always tries to get Baby Jesus to come and play with her, but so far He hasn’t.

Or Maybe He has and we just can’t see it. Who knows?Family Friday 38 13

Sunday we had to get back on a regular day schedule. This meant that we needed to keep Mommy awake all day on Sunday so that she could sleep regularly on Sunday Night. Evie volunteered to help her stay awake by taking her to the park.Family Friday 38 4

Bradley lake park has a special area specifically for the little folks, with a squishy soft floor and short slides and stairs just the right height for 2 – 5 year olds. Evie is not 2 – 5 years old, but she manages pretty well anyway.

Family Friday 38 5
Evie likes making friends.

After the park we went to Black Bear Frozen yogurt for some last frozen dairy treats before lent began! Evie made friends with the little black bear cub.

Family Friday 38 3
Hey little buddy, want to come out and play?

Evie thoroughly enjoyed the frozen yogurt.

Family Friday 38 12

Black Bear is one of those places that we plan on taking Evie to fairly regularly as she gets older. That and Bubble Island, but that’s another story.Family Friday 38 2Auntie Grace is now watching Evie and Edmund both during the week. The different schedules of the parents make this logistically pretty challenging, but we think it’s worth it for these cousins to grow up spending a lot of time together.

Family Friday 38 9
See? Good quality cousin time!

Anyway, that’s all for this week. See you guys next time. Stay tuned for Evie’s First Birthday Party!

God Bless and Prayers and Hugs from the Kraegers.


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