Family Friday 39

Family Friday 39 28
“But Mommy, I’m still tired! I was up until almost midnight.” “We know, Evie. Trust me, we know.”

This is what Evie looked like when she got up the morning of her First Birthday Party. She had only taken a short nap over lunch the day before, and then Daddy took her to the park in the afternoon. Instead of running around a little bit and then getting tired, she ran around in the cold for two hours and she still did not want to leave the park to go pick up Mommy at the train. Then it took her an hour to wind down sufficiently to fall asleep at six. We only let her sleep for about 45 min, but the damage was already done. Evie was refreshed and ready to go, and she spent  the night staying up and trying to play until until almost midnight.

When Daddy woke her up at 7:00 AM, she was a bit groggy, to say the least. Thus began Evie’s First Birthday Party.

We made all the pizza doughs early in the morning because we had an appointment to get our taxes done at 9:00. Family Friday 39 27

When we got back, Evie went down for a much needed nap, while Mommy and Daddy put pizzas together.

Family Friday 39 26

Kathleen wanted to do a ladybug themed birthday party because Evie’s favorite book is “10 Little Ladybugs.” So we made two ladybug pizzas:

There is just something about a table full of pizzas waiting to go in the oven!

Family Friday 39 25

Evie was awake to “help” with the pizzas and decorating for a  while, but eventually she was persuaded, under much protest to take a very short afternoon nap. Much to her surprise…Family Friday 39 22When she woke up, there were people in her house!

Family Friday 39 21

Including her favorite Baby Cousin!

Family Friday 39 20
Evie says, “Why is there a thing on my head?”

Lots of people came to help celebrate Evie’s first year!

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She had fun ripping and tearing and opening presents!

Family Friday 39 10
It isn’t blueberries, but it’s okay.

She was a tired baby girl at the end of the day. Almost too tired for cake!Family Friday 39 11But she got the idea eventually.

It's not blueberries, but it's okay.
It’s not blueberries, but it’s okay.

Let me tell you, Baby Girl slept really, really well that night! When she woke up Sunday morning she was very much refreshed, Family Friday 39 9but she still took two really good naps, and still went to bed at a decent hour and slept all night!

We should have birthday parties more often.

Uncle Andy and his girlfriend Anna-Rose gave Evie a castle! Whoa!
Uncle Andy and his girlfriend Anna-Rose gave Evie a castle! Whoa!

On Monday workers came in to cut down the last of the stand of trees behind the house.

They had taken out a few acres of it to make room for three new houses, but they had left a small belt of trees standing, which was a hazard for us. The trees were used to being sheltered from the wind, but now they were exposed to the full blast of the prevailing winds coming across the hill, and were just upwind of our house. So, although we were sad to see the stand go, it was better that all of it go than that they leave that narrow exposed strip of trees.

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Monday was kind of a rough day. Evie was cranky and out of sorts.

We also got word that Ryan’s Aunt had passed away from cancer the night before. It was not unexpected, but still very sad. She was a wonderful, happy person, and one of the kindest women I have ever met. She leaves behind a husband and three teenage kids, so please do keep them in your prayers.

To top it all off, Daddy had to fly out that night to do some National Guard stuff.

Look Daddy! We Made you a card!

It is strange how Evie is aware. She doesn’t know what is going on, but she is aware that something isn’t right, and it makes her a little subdued. She is more huggy and she wants to be snuggled and comforted. It’s kind of like when Edmund cries and she has to stop what she is doing to go see what’s wrong. She will hold his hand and stroke his face and try to make him feel better. But it’s a little different when it’s Mommy or Daddy who isn’t feeling good. In Evie’s world we comfort her, she doesn’t comfort us. So when we are feeling the strain of a loss or stress of an impending separation, she knows that something is wrong, but doesn’t know how to do with it, and she asks us for comfort. There is a divine wisdom in that arrangement. It pulls you out of your own feelings to focus on someone else who needs you to be there and to care about her and snuggle her and play peek-a-boo with her. Family Friday 39 31After they dropped Daddy off at the airport Mommy and Evie went to MC. Evie was very clingy and would only go to the couple of people that she knows best of all, rather than playing with everyone like she usually does.Family Friday 39 32When they got home, Evie grabbed Daddy’s hat and walked around the house looking for Daddy. But she couldn’t find him, and she was sad. She would only sleep if Mommy was snuggling her.Family Friday 39 33The next morning she was still out of sorts.

But her Godmother, Auntie Danica, sent Evie a birthday present!Family Friday 39 35Yay! More Paper to rip!

Now Evie has the complete Winnie-the-Pooh Stories! What a great gift! Daddy is very excited too, because those are fun stories to read out loud.

In the meantime, Daddy has been hanging out and playing Army. He got to video chat with Mommy and Evie one morning for a few minutes until he lost reception.

Family Friday 39 2
Evie is happy to see her Daddy!

And he should be home a few days early, before he has to fly out again next week. So that’s a good thing!

That is all, folks. Take care until next time. Pray for us, we are praying for you.

God Bless, from the Kraegers.Family Friday 39 1

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