Family Friday 43

Evie is sad.

Family Friday 42 10
Poor Baby Girl!

Oh My Goodness! That face! I just want to fly back home and snuggle her!

Family Friday 42 11
Best Christmas Present Ever = That box!

Family Friday 42 12

Daddy is still out of town this week, and Evie doesn’t like it. She wants her daddy back home. Mommy is still working insane hours including weekend call so Evie spent a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa over the weekend, and Auntie Grace during the week.

Family Friday 42 7
Snuggle Blankie and a bottle? And snuggles with Grandma and Grandpa? That is a good recipe for a sleeping baby!

She still has fun, though. Even if she is not completely her usual wild, happy-go-lucky self, she gets along pretty well. She likes to shut herself in the laundry room and smack the door and shout at people in the kitchen.Family Friday 42 8She knows how to close the door really well. Opening it is another thing entirely…

Remember way back when Evie was little and she laid on her back on her play mat and kicked the toys and flipped pages in books? Not anymore!

Family Friday 42 6
Look Mommy! Evie made a tent!

Can you believe it? She is over a year old already!

She walks, she runs, she reads, she climbs, she feeds herself, she says, “Hi” and waves bye. She even wears hair things in her hair!

Family Friday 42 9

She dances with Baby Jesus…

Family Friday 42 13
Although it kind of looks like she is doing a Karate kata…

In the meantime, Ryan did manage to get out into the neighborhood once last week. Pretty busy with homework and such, so that is more of a deal than it sounds like. It was a gorgeous day for taking touristy type pictures…

Family Friday 42 4
I like old brick churches.

And random Disney Princess sightings…

Family Friday 42 3
I guess teenage girls do that? Dress up like Disney princesses and wander around distributing hugs to little girls. Why not?

The last time I was here this Church had just had the foundation laid. I used to go to Sunday Mass in the old building before it got torn down to make room for this one.

Family Friday 42 2

But really, sightseeing is not as much fun as calling home and seeing this face…

Family Friday 42 5

Soon the Kraegers will all be reunited again, but until then, thank God for Technology!

That’s all folks. Until Next time, God Bless!

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