Family Friday 44

Please note the quadruple alliteration in our title this week. You’re welcome!

Family Friday 44  (10)
Edmund is like, “What’s she doing? I want to watch!”

Daddy hurt his back last Friday doing deadlifts :-(. But this thursday it was healed enough to do a four mile run :-).

Family Friday 44  (1)\

Sometimes it’s hard being family-ish when Daddy is gone for work. Family Fridays are harder to write. We still try to do Family stuff but it isn’t the same over FaceTime. But (Thank God) it isn’t a long separation, and you can always find a way to stay close if you put in the effort.

Family Friday 44  (1)

Saturday was a very busy day for Evie and Mommy. First, Evie had to sweep all the floors by herself while Mommy was getting the diaper bag ready to go.

Family Friday 44  (2)

Mommy turns her back for a second, and this little monkey climbs up to check if there are any snacks available on the counter top. Seriously, she climbed up that stool like it’s her job! Only 13 months old. Saints Preserve Us!

Family Friday 44  (13)

The drive up to Enumclaw was very stressful because Evie’s nap was late and she was stuck in the back in the car seat all by herself. Even talking to Daddy on the phone couldn’t make her happy. But when she got to Aunt Dude’s house she was so worn out, she crashed. Literally.

Family Friday 44  (14)

Aunt Dude always serves yummy food!

Family Friday 44  (15)

Then Mommy and Evie visited Grandma Dolly. She always likes to see Evie, but Evie doesn’t sit still very well. She moves very fast, all over Grandma Dolly’s apartment.

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Evie got to run all over the place and make new friends at the Swiss Ladies Society meeting. She doesn’t like to sit still, even for pictures.

She spent Sunday night and Monday with Grandma and Grandpa because Mommy needed to work and Auntie Grace needed to take the day off.

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Meanwhile Daddy hasn’t been doing much interesting. Most nights he just studies either Army school stuff or PA school stuff, although he did get to go out and shoot pistol with Uncle Matthew.

Family Friday 44  (9)

That’s always fun, although both Daddy and Uncle Matthew were off their game a little bit. Comes of not shooting pistol for a couple of months. It is a super perishable skill.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Hope you guys are having a good lent. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Happy Feast of St. Joseph, and Happy Palm Sunday and a good Holy Week, and a Holy Triduum! (Man, there’s a lot of stuff going on next week!)

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