Family Friday 45

This has been quite a week! While Daddy has been off Army-ing, Mommy and Evie have been very busy. A while back we decided to try to get together some groups who could help out preparing a meal and serving it at a local overnight shelter. We kind of got the idea because one of the administrators at the shelter is in Ryan’s men’s group at church, but we thought we could get two groups going.

One would be through MC, our Bible study group. It’s a strong, regular group of committed Catholic young people, so should be pretty much a no-brainer. The other group is supposed to be based in our parish.

Family Friday 45 9We’ve gotten the MC group at least informally established, while the parish group remains in the conceptual stage. That is fancy Army leadership talk (see, Ryan is learning something at this school) for: “We haven’t done a thing about it yet, and don’t know when we will because we just got too busy.”

But the MC group did prep and serve its first meal on Saturday! Kathleen was a little annoyed that after we decided to do this together, Ryan up and gets orders to go train and left her to coordinate and run it all by herself. But she did pretty amazingly, so it’s all good.

Of course it didn’t help that the coordinator at the shelter went on vacation the week prior and the coordinating instructions got dropped somewhere. We ended up getting an email from our friend Josh at 6:00 friday night to say that the ground chicken we were planning on using was still locked in the deep, deep freeze, (minus 30 degrees Farenheit); the keys were with the cooks for the day who had already gone home; and no one would be able to get it out until 9:00 the next morning. Kathleen was planning on starting at 11:00 A.M. the next morning.

I (Ryan) think that God was throwing Kathleen a curveball as a training exercise, because Family Friday 45 12she likes detailed plans laid out well in advance that follow through without a hitch. But she reacted pretty smoothly. She was on her way out to a movie with our friend Jenn when the three way text message storm began, and they simply changed plans and began cruising around the area looking for meat.

Specifically ground chicken.

It was a fun time. Between that and the next morning we ended up with all the chicken we needed, although the curveballs weren’t done. Some of the chicken was bad, but Kathleen kept the receipt (she’s good like that) so no harm done. The casserole was just a little less meaty than she planned.

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So Kathleen, Brock, Celyn and Aunt Susie had a great time making food and they got rave reviews and requests for seconds. Orginally they were planning on making 6 pans, but they had extra ingredients so they made 8 instead. Which was good, because all of them got eaten!Family Friday 45 11

Meanwhile, Evie went to a birthday party for her friend, Adalmoro, who is 1 year old!

Then on Sunday, Mommy and Evie, as well as Grandma and Grandpa, went to the Swiss park for an Easter egg hunt.

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Everything was going well until…

What the Heck is That?!

Family Friday 45 15

It’s a giant white rabbit thing! Kind of creepy, but I guess if Mommy is around it must be okay. Family Friday 45 22

Evie touch the bunny’s nose!

Some of the kids didn’t react quite so well to the bunny. You can’t really blame then, though, the costume is kind of freaky!

Family Friday 45 21

And when Mommy and Evie went home, Uncle Adam and Baby Edmund came over for a visit! Evie was excited because she loves her baby cousin. He is less than half her age right now, but think about it, in two years, they will be so close in age they will be practically the same age. In twenty years the age difference won’t even be a thing anymore!

Evie has been spending a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa this week, because Mommy has been working nights. Sometimes Evie doesn’t sleep so well when her schedule gets disrupted.

Family Friday 45 14

But there has been some nice weather and she is always down to go play outside!

Family Friday 45 13

But the absolute best part of the week came on Thursday night…Family Friday 45 24

Mommy and Evie got on a plane after Mommy finished work on Thursday Morning, Family Friday 45 27and they flew out to visit Daddy!

Family Friday 45 26

Daddy missed his girls! Now we will be all together for the Triduum. God is good!

Family Friday 45 25

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