On Netflixing

Me too. Only for me it was video games, then youtube, then facebook. The inanities we humans will resort to to avoid excellence!


I’m about to be painfully real for a second.

For the past five years of my life, I’ve been in college and surrounded by all of my best friends, endless studying, classes, projects, jobs, training, and everything else under the sun. If I were to catch a show on Netflix, it would be after a long week of toil and work. I would curl up with my best friend, a bottle of wine, and it was a glorious once-a-week ritual.

Fast forward to right now. I live in a teeny little studio apartment with my husband. I have a job with fourth graders that keeps me extraordinarily busy; working anywhere from 60-90 hours a week. I have friends in the town where I live, but of course they aren’t down the hall from me anymore. Usually, my get togethers are planned days in advance and the departure time is around…

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