Family Friday 51

Did you ever have an allergic kind of week?

That’s what last week was like. We were allergic to it.

Family Friday 51 1
Sure, they might make you stuffy, but ain’t they pretty?!

It all started at the end of last Family Friday, the point at which we usually try to sign off, unplug, chill out and enjoy a weekend together.

Not last weekend, unfortunately. Evie was still sick, the grandparents were sick, Auntie Grace got sick over the weekend, even Kathleen wasn’t feeling good. Then Aunt Dude got sick too, visiting the grandparents!

Family Friday 51 6
Did I start that? Oops! My Bad, Y’all.

And Kathleen had to work nights all weekend, and Ryan had National Guard.

Le sigh!

But we did get a couple hours of weekend between coming home from the 5:30 PM (Sunday) Mass, and going to bed exhausted at 9:30. Ready to get back up and do it all over again! YEAH!!!!

On the bright side, though, this little stinkbug was starting to feel better, and not blow out her diaper every ten minutes.

Family Friday 51 2
Auntie Grace makes some yummy eggs!

By Monday afternoon her appetite had mostly returned, and has steadily increased all week, until yesterday morning when she ate a scrambled egg, three slices of American cheese, a kiwi fruit and a banana. And Mommy and Daddy are practically doing victory dances to celebrate every stage of darkening and thickening of the poop.

It’s a parent thing, I guess.

The only major outing this week was Monday night, when we went to the farm supply store to buy some gardening tools. We did get the gardening tools, but we also ended up checking out some hot chicks.

Family Friday 51 3
Get it? Because they are under a heat lamp!

Hee hee hee! We are like eggs ready to hatch. We crack ourselves up!

Evie was also pointing out her selection of merchandise that she would like to buy.

Family Friday 51 4
Mommy says, “She’s your daughter.”

And then we went to MC, from which we have been absent for quite some time.

Family Friday 51 5
Evie getting her Bible Study on with Auntie Diana.

Evie got to see Baby Edmund again, who is almost as big as she is!

Family Friday 51 7
My Brother From Another Mother! WUZZUP!!!!
Family Friday 51 8
Don’t worry, Bro, I get you out of there!

And Mommy was even able to get some weeding done. With Evie’s help of course. Family Friday 51 9Eventually we plan on clearing out that gravel pit and building a clothesline stand and a fire pit in it.

In our spare time.

And that’s it for this week. Thank you for joining us for another episode of “Winging It Like A Boss” with the Kraegers. Remember, no matter how busy life gets or crazy you feel…spoiler-alertJesus Wins in the End!

Christos Anesti! Alithos Anestis!

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