Family Friday 55

Last weekend the Kraegers went camping.Family Friday 55 1

Daddy went out early on Friday to build the campsite setup.

Family Friday 55 2

We all arrived late Friday evening. Some friends from MC also joined us.

Family Friday 55 6Auntie Lenora joined us.

Family Friday 55 10

Uncle Brock and Uncle Ryan joined us as well.

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Evie likes to go on walks, but sometimes she falls down and then she can be sad. But she gets over it quickly.

Family Friday 55 7

Mommy and Daddy charbroiled some burgers and dogs over the fire.

Family Friday 55 8

Daddy and Evie went into town to go to confession and while we were there, Evie visited with  Saint Joseph and Baby Jesus.

Family Friday 55 9

Evie met some puppies that she got to play with. She kept calling the little one, “Baby.”

Family Friday 55 11

We spent the weekend having fun but we did take a lot of pictures.

Family Friday 55 12

Puddle jumping!

Family Friday 55 13

Uncle Ben and Auntie Christine came up and joined us for Sunday Mass. They brought Noah and their new baby Nolan. Evie wanted to visit with baby Nolan but Noah told her “No! The baby is sleeping!”

Evie looked anyway.

We visited Mommy’s relatives where her family puts flowers on the graves on Memorial Day Weekend.

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Evie loves babies. Baby Nolan is a chunky little guy. He’s built like a little linebacker!

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Evie and Noah played together digging holes in the ground and stomping in puddles.

Family Friday 55 21

Grandma and Grandpa came out to visit us on Monday, they haven’t gotten to see Evie in a long time.

Family Friday 55 22

We got a four-legged visitor as well.

Family Friday 55 23

Kathleen named it “Sir Hector.”

Family Friday 55 26

It rained a good deal over the weekend, but Monday was nice and sunny so we spread all the camping gear out on the lawn and it dried in a jiffy. The tent canopy looks a bit like an elephant when it is draped over the bush.

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It has been a busy week since then, but there is still time to hang out at the park.

Family Friday 55 37

That’s all for now. Have a good weekend! God Bless.




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