Family Friday

Since last Family Friday the Kraeger family has still been separated across the world. Daddy is off in Asia doing National Guard things. Family Friday 58 7Mostly training skills he will hopefully never have to use again.Family Friday 58 8

In the meantime Mommy and Evie are home, hanging out and enjoying each other’s company.

Family Friday 58 2

They drove up to Aunt Dude’s house on Sunday and Evie stayed overnight while Mommy was on call and working the next day.

Family Friday 58 5

Aunt Dude is lots of fun!

Family Friday 58 4

And all that running around makes Evie so hungry, she eats all of Aunt Dude’s foods.

Family Friday 58 3
She’s a fruits’n’veggies kind of gal.

Evie has her very own potty chair now. She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of using it yet, but she is sitting on it, which is a huge improvement over her reaction to the big toilet. She is afraid of sitting on that one.

Family Friday 58 12

Daddy always tries to call home when he can, usually early in the morning or late at night.

Lopburi Sight Seeing20

Sometimes, though, he is so busy he can’t call, or the phone service goes down. Then he has no one to hang out with but the centipedes.Family Friday 58 6

It’s better when he gets to call home.

Family Friday 58 9

Tired baby girl…

Family Friday 58 10

Last November, one of Kathleen’s co-workers was involved in a tragic accident while out running with a group of friends. His name was Cale Tyler and he was just 31 years old. Last Sunday would have been his birthday. His wife, also another one of Kathleen’s former co-workers, decided to do something in his memory for his birthday. She asked all of their friends and family to do random acts of kindness in honor of Cale, and to tell everyone about it with the #kindness4cale.

Cale was an extremely generous and comical individual, smart and daring. He had stories that could go on for days. He loved being out doors, building, camping, hiking, traveling. He did so many things in his short life, I know that he has inspired others to reevaluate the way they live theirs.

Ryan celebrated #kindness4cale by donating some money towards the completion of a statue of the Buddha and a Buddhist temple.

Family Friday 58 1

Evie and Kathleen didn’t get out much this weekend due to thunderstorms. So for their random act of kindness they purchased a Safeway gift card, attached a note about Cale and why they were giving this card to another complete stranger with hopes that the kindness would spread. They left the card with a customer service representative who gave the card to another family in line to check out.

That’s all for this week, folks. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. God Bless!

Family Friday 58 11

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