Family Friday 61

Since last Family Friday, the Kraegers have been busy as usual. Saturday was especially busy, since Ryan and Kathleen joined some friends from MC to cook and serve a meal at Nativity House, the local overnight homeless shelter.

Family Friday 61 6

I know, this Family Friday should be subtitled: “In Which We Feature a Story that is NOT about Evie!”

Family Friday 61 7

Unfortunately, when Mommy and Daddy do things by themselves without Evie, they are usually so busy doing them that they forget to take pictures, or take really lame ones, like this picture of Brock getting out baking pans. In real life he is much more interesting and useful, but you would never know it from this picture.

Family Friday 61 8

I wish I was a little bit taller. The mashed potatoes would be a lot easier.

And that’s all the pictures from that. Kathleen is kind of a genius at planning meals, especially really, really big ones. So we made enough to feed easily 250 people…

And then only 160 showed up.

Oh well, they had leftovers for the next day. No biggie.

In other news, school is busy. That’s just how it is. It’s about a 90 minute commute by car, bike, train and foot, from the house to school, so Mommy and Evie have been seeing less than they would like of Daddy. Family Friday 61 2Evie has to protect the house herself.

Family Friday 61 5

She is becoming quite a helpful and grownup little girl! She helps around the house, and when we go shopping.

Family Friday 61 10

Oh, and she can say, “Costco.” Go figure, right?

Family Friday 61 3

She has trust issues with the potty chair. She will sit on it fully clothed, but the whole take-the-diaper-off-and-sit thing? Let’s just say that’s a work in progress.

Family Friday 61 1

She would rather sit on her rocking chair.

Family Friday 61 9

Or her “Rocky bear.”

😉 Hee hee hee!

And that’s all there is this week. Keep us in your prayers. Ryan is now gone 60 hours a week, plus National Guard this weekend, and Kathleen is working full time, and on call this weekend. Hopefully things lighten up, but even if they don’t there is always time for Evie, and time for Jesus.

What else really matters?



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