Family Friday 62

a79f54fadc8ba2e9f6e85e960b1ed7d6This week’s Family Friday begins on Sunday, mostly because Saturday was a super, super busy day. That’s what happens when Daddy has National Guard and Mommy has call. Grandma and Grandpa were on standby to babysit the Evieling (Ryan has taken to calling Evie “Evieling” since he came back from Thailand. “Ling” is Thai for monkey) in case Mommy had to go to the hospital (to work, that is, not as a patient!) It worked out a little more conveniently than that, though. Ryan was at the Armory in the morning but they finished up early so he got to go home in the early afternoon. Kathleen did not get a call-back all morning so she was there with Evie right up until Evie’s nap. Daddy came home and walked in the door and…

“Beepbeepbeepbeep! Beepbeepbeepbeep!” The pager went off. Mommy had to go in to the hospital. She only got to come back home at 8:00, right around Evie’s bedtime,pager-meme-meme-generator-trying-to-sleep-let-me-play-you-the-song-of-my-people-aee7db and then she got called back and was gone from about midnight to 4 A. M.

On Sunday we had plans to take Mommy to a bridal shower for Aunty Danica, who is getting married in a few weeks! Yay!

Daddy and Evie were going to hang out at the park with Uncle Adam and Baby Edmund while Aunty Maryanne went to the shower too. But that meant that Evie needed an early nap, so 11:00 Mass was out.

Then Mommy had to work until 4:00 AM. So much for the going-to-8:00-Mass plan!

Unfortunately we couldn’t even go to Mass as a family. Daddy took Evie to 9:00 Mass at a different church than our usual one while Mommy slept. Then Mommy went to 11:00 Mass while Evie napped.

Alas. Some weekends are like that, but it’s always unfortunate.

The bridal shower was a fun time.

Family Friday 62 3The lady who was hosting it, a good friend of ours who played the harp at our wedding, has a baby too!Family Friday 62 1

Of course Daddy had to get his baby time on before they left for the park.

Family Friday 62 2So did Evie.

All of the guests had to compose limericks in honor of the bride-to-be. Kathleen decided to start hers with a first line which ended in “mystery” which severly limits your rhyming options. Fortunately, her new last name will start with the letter “B” which allowed her to write this little gem:

There once was a woman of mystery
Who got her kicks reading about history.
Then she met a fine chap,
Who could hunt, fish and trap,
Now she’s off to the chapel with Mr. B!


Pretty awesome, right?

Meanwhile Evie and Daddy had fun at the park, eating watermelon with Uncle Adam and Baby Edmund. Family Friday 62 10Edmund is getting so big, he weighs more than Evie now, and he is almost 9 months younger than she is!Family Friday 62 11

Evie was outrageous. She stole babies from other little girls.Family Friday 62 13

And photobombed a birthday party photoshoot.Family Friday 62 12

Nobody seems to mind though. Because she’s Evie.

We did finally get to collect ourselves and drop Evie off at Aunt Dude’s house.Family Friday 62 14

So Mommy and Daddy could pretend to be grownups again by eating some delicious pizzas and rusticas at Aversanos.Family Friday 62 15

Ryan had his first ever Green River Soda Float. It was delicious! Kathleen says it tastes like lime. Ryan thinks it just tastes like green soda. We all know who has the discerning palate in the family…

The week more or less ticked on as usual, with each family member engaging hardcore in their various tasks and responsibilities, whether that be school or work or playing. Evie is learning how to cook.Family Friday 62 4

She even says it: “Gook!”

Life as usual went on, all the way until Wednesday night, that is, when Mommy opened the water bill to find that we got charged for about six months worth of water in one month! She immediately put two and two together and ran outside to check the water gauge. Unfortunately she couldn’t check it because it was under several inches of water and mud.Family Friday 62 5

Thus began our great adventure of the evening, which involved excavating the water meter to see whether the leak was on the City’s side (they pay for it 🙂  ) or our side (we pay for it 😦  ).

Family Friday 62 7
Evie Fix It!

We found the leak right enough but had to move quite a bit of mud and call Kathleen’s dad to get a good look at it.Family Friday 62 9

Daddy got a little muddy.Family Friday 62 6

Meanwhile, Evie hopped the fence and ran around with the neighbor kids and had a blast.Family Friday 62 8

We determined that it was the City’s responsibility, and shut the water off to the house (after filling all the water bottles, the tub and the kitchen sink).

Well, turns out the tub and the kitchen sink plugs are not watertight. They were empty by morning. But all was well because the city water guys came by around mid-morning and fixed the whole thing.

Of course that’s how it goes. Right when you are at your busiest and most stressed out, and you have a research paper due day after tomorrow, something goes wrong and throws a monkey wrench right in your plans.

And by plans I mean face.

But that’s kind of the point, you know? God is training us to trust, even when it looks like the situation is falling apart. Especially then, I suppose, because that’s when it really counts. The big thing is to keep calm and trust Him without reserve.

It will come out in the end.

This is not the end.

Have a good weekend, folks! God Bless, from the Kraegers.

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