Family Friday 65

Last weekend we drove up north near Alaska somewhere (at least it seemed that way to Evie!) for Auntie Danica’s Wedding! It was a long drive and the north-of-Seattle part involved rush hour traffic. Evie was very happy to stop and eat at Bob’s Burgers, and take the opportunity to wiggle her waggles away.

Family Friday 65 1

Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures of the actual wedding. It’s a good thing we don’t try to make a living off this whole blogging thing.

Ryan was supposed to read the second reading for the wedding. They chose Peter 3:1-9 (they really chose it, and Danica herself asked Ryan to read it. It is probably not one of the most frequently chosen readings for Catholic weddings, but they are rebels like that. In this day and age the only way really to be a rebel is to go traditional again! But I digress).

Anyway, Ryan had a hard time keeping a straight face during the reading, not because of the passage, but because there was apparently a typo in the paper that they gave him to read off of:

Family Friday 65 4

Which put me in mind of a some holy woman “whooping in the Lord” like this:


The reception was like the wedding, which was like the bride and groom. Comfortable and laid back and super informal.

Also there were a lot of babies there.

Family Friday 65 5

Evie and Edmund both wanted up. At the same time.

Family Friday 65 6

Uncle Adam, how much time do you spend every day grooming Edmund’s mohawk?

Family Friday 65 7

Uncle Ben and Auntie Christine’s new baby, Nolan, is not so new anymore. And he is huge! Poor Christine, he’s almost as big at four months as Noah was at a year! He’s going to be a big boy.

Family Friday 65 8

We tried to get Evie to nap before the wedding, but it didn’t work. In fact, she didn’t nap at all until we left at around 3:00 P.M. but she was a total trooper about it. Completely miserable but still partying like it was her job, and keeping Mommy running.

Family Friday 65 9

A quick visit to Mama Mary. It is ironic that this little shrine was dedicated to the memory of babies lost to abortion. I like to think that Evie’s life and health and happiness is at least some consolation to Mary and to Jesus for all those innocent lives lost. Not a consolation in the sense that it make up for it, because, you know no mother could ever forget the baby she lost, no matter how many healthy babies she has. But still, a consolation in the sense that Evie makes them happy, I hope.

Family Friday 65 10
Noah says, “Zoom!”
Family Friday 65 11
Family Friday 65 12
Power Nap time! She doesn’t actually close her eyes, but she does stop moving for five seconds. Then up and at ’em again!
Family Friday 65 13
The Bride and Groom making their rounds.
Family Friday 65 14
It is sometimes really hard to coax a smile out of Evie, especially when her nap is four hours overdue.

Later on, back at the house, life continues

Family Friday 65 15
Evie “types” on Daddy’s Korean language keyboard skin.
Family Friday 65 2
What is this doing here? These are Evie’s diapers, she needs them!
Family Friday 65 16
Modelling Mommy’s sneakers.

But that’s okay because later, when we went to Dinner at Uncle Adam and Aunt Maryanne’s house…

Family Friday 65 19
Mommy models Evie’s bib that Grandma Kraeger made for her.

Family Friday 65 20

Evie is becoming so grownup and big now that she doesn’t feel she needs to sit in a highchair at dinner. She can sit in a big people chair at the big people table. Also she can feed herself. And Also, no baby spoons, if you please. She will be using the big people spoon, thank-you-very-much.

Which is cool and all but… 😦

Family Friday 65 21
Here, Edmund, it’s for you.

Ryan took a break from discussing with Adam the interpretation of entropy as the conservation of Gibbs free energy and its plausibility as a mechanism of non-DNA mediated evolution (not our theory, we were critiquing it) to snap this picture. It’s a terrible picture, but almost the best of the evening, so you’ll have to be satisfied with it, Mom.

Whoosh!Family Friday 65 3

Long week. Family Friday 65 17

And Mommy is on call tonight and hasn’t even made it back from the hospital once, it’s been one call back after another, and Daddy has his last test for summer quarter tomorrow, but…

After that we have the day off tomorrow! Woo hoo! And a five week break for Ryan to get caught up on stuff like fixing the deck, National Guard preparations, VA stuff, insurance, finances, read ahead for fall quarter, blah, blah, blah.

But hopefully we’ll have time for at least one fun project…

Family Friday 65 18

That’s all for this week, folks. God Bless!

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