Family Friday 66

Family Friday 66 8

You know that feeling you get after a day long book binge?

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like that. I mean, Holy Eventful Weeks, Batman! It seems as soon as Ryan goes on vocation, he actually does more work than he ever does at school.

Let’s see, where to begin.

On Saturday, Daddy and Uncle Adam ran a 5k charity run for a fundraiser event for the charity 4US. 4US is a charity and Uncle Adam and Maryanne belong to which raises money to purchase ultrasound machines for crisis pregnancy centers.

It was hotter than heck!

Family Friday 66 4

Adam is faster than Ryan. Or perhaps I should say he is not as slow. He came in a good minute ahead at 22: something, not impressive at all.

Family Friday 66 5

Ryan ran even slower, at 23:07. Even less impressive.

Purely coincidentally, both Ryan and Adam have begun a 5 week training program to get their 5k times down again. Being husbands, and fathers, and full time college students is no excuse for sucking.

Daddy went to look for his sandals, but Evie had them.

Family Friday 66 3

And a belly button.

Family Friday 66 2

Silly baby girl!

Family Friday 66 9
Evie has taken to wearing her new hat backwards on her head. 

Family Friday 66 10

Mommy taught Evie how to make pan cookies, and let Evie leave her signature in the cookie dough.

Family Friday 66 11

It didn’t come out after it was baked, but it looks cute in the picture.

On Sunday night Mommy had to work (Booo!) and Auntie Celyn and her family were hosting their annual 4US benefit dinner, so Daddy and Evie had to go alone.

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Auntie Lynn (Auntie Celyn’s mom) always has a beautiful set up, and this year they outdid themselves.

Evie likes it because she can play in the fountain as much as she wants.

Family Friday 66 12

She wanted to share her pink hat with Edmund.

Family Friday 66 16

But he has his own.

Family Friday 66 17

Actually, he borrowed it from his dad, but it looks pretty good on him.

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Evie discovered a love of corn on the cob. She ate all of her own corn, and then stole as much of it as she could from anyone who could be melted by the baby blue eyes.

We need to remember to get the recipe for these little jar salads from Celyn, because they were delicious. Daddy and Evie brought some home for Mommy so she could have it for lunch the next day and it was still yummy.

The big project of the week has been the deck. A few weeks ago, Ryan put his foot through one of the rotten, shrunken boards, and we have just been waiting for him to be done with school for the summer to tear the whole thing apart and resurface it.

But first, Kathleen wanted a change in the structure. Before the deck had a two-level design, with the regular flat area right outside the door taking up most of the size, but a second area, towards the back lawn, higher than the main area by six inches. Kathleen wanted it all one level.

So, on Tuesday, Jerry (Kathleen’s dad) came down to help, and he and Ryan stripped the surface off that section of deck.

Family Friday 66 23
Papa, can Evie help?

It didn’t take too terribly long.

Family Friday 66 24Ryan decided rather than disassembling the frame and reassembling it lower, to try to detach it, move it all as one piece, dig out underneath it, and then move it back in one piece.

It worked pretty well.

Family Friday 66 25

Jerry came back down on Wednesday, and Adam came over, and the three guys moved the frame up onto the main deck.

Family Friday 66 27Then came the real work. We thought it would be less than a yard of dirt, but 15 or 16 wheelbarrow loads later it turned out we were gravely mistaken.

Evie wanted to help.

Family Friday 66 28

But we told her we needed her to watch Edmund, and make sure he stayed out of trouble.

Family Friday 66 26

The maternal instincts must have kicked in because here she is making sure he gets all his sunscreen.

After the first few hours of digging we invited our neighbor over and made an attempt to put the frame back in place. Unfortunately we had mis-calculated an the hole was too short by four inches. So it was back to the shovel and the pick for another hour or two, and all the tedious business of lining up the footer stones and leveling them.

Family Friday 66 31
The lilac that used to grace the corner right in front of Adam’s shovel had to be removed (see below).

Of course we took a break for supper (which was delicious scrambled eggs with bacon and beets on the side lovingly prepared by Kathleen) and appropriately refreshing beverages.Family Friday 66 29

The kids ate about three suppers, none of them very big because they were just to distracted by all the goings-on.

Family Friday 66 30

Finally, round about 8:00 or so, we called our neighbor back, and he brought a friend, and we slid it into place, like it was made for it.

Family Friday 66 32

And that doesn’t look half bad.

As for the lilac that we removed, Ryan replanted it elsewhere on the lawn. It had a decent sized root bulb and has been growing for years in the rockiest soil this side of County Claire, so we give it fifty/fifty whether it survives or not. Ryan poured four gallons of water on its roots and left it with the traditional Irish Blessing of the Plants: “Now grow, damn you!”

With that much love and affection, how can it possibly fail?

Family Friday 66 33
Evie help!

And that’s all for this week, folks. Have a good weekend, and God Bless, from the Kraegers.

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