Family Friday 67

Family Friday 67 27What’s up folks?

How has your week been?

The Kraeger week here on the west coast of America has been busy. We did a camping trip last weekend and this week Daddy has been working more on the deck. It should actually be finished by the time next Family Friday rolls around.

A lot of work is going down on the lawn, actually. Ah! the joys of home ownership.

But in the meantime, there is still time to play the xylophone in pink rain boots. Because Evie thinks that is pretty much the best activity ever. As it is!

Family Friday 67 1We went out to the campsite last Friday. Uncle Ben and Auntie Christine joined us with Noah and Nolan. Noah had brought a fishing pole and was very excited to catch fish.

Family Friday 67 2

I don’t think he caught one, but that may have been because his pole was missing line, hook and lure.

Family Friday 67 29
Kathleen took this picture because she thought it was cute. Ryan scowled because he’s a curmudgeon. 
Family Friday 67 3
A rare action photo of Uncle Adam and his side-kick (Edmund) in action!
Family Friday 67 4
Evie thought the seaweed was slimy but interesting.

Family Friday 67 6

We tried to keep Evie in the sand, but there were too many barnacle covered rocks. She ended up getting barnacle bites on her poor little feet. After that we left her shoes on whenever she went in the water.

Family Friday 67 7

So altogether on Friday night it was Ryan and Kathleen and Evie; Adam, Maryanne and Edmund; Ben, Christine, Noah and Nolan; and Jenn, fresh back from her world youth day adventure in Poland, and still glowing from her close encounter with Pope Francis!

Family Friday 67 8
These two goof balls!

Family Friday 67 9

Supper was macaroni and cheese cooked in the cast-iron pan on the propane stove (courtesy of Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Geri). Kathleen likes to be a fancy camp chef when we camp, and the mac-and-cheese turned out excellent.

Family Friday 67 10
Edmund likes eating. A lot. That’s why he is a full pound heavier than Evie, at nine months younger. Got to eat big to get big, bro!

Family Friday 67 11

Ben and Christine had to go home and could only stay for the day on Friday. Saturday morning Daddy was up early to say morning prayer, and Auntie Jenn drove into town for Saturday morning Mass. The woods are nice at that time of the morning. So are campgrounds, which are not at all the same thing as the woods, but if you sit back and look up at the tops of trees and watch the sunlight turning them golden; and if it’s too early for most campers to be awake so there’s no noise; and if you can’t see any of the campers, tents or picnic tables, it’s almost sort of like being in the woods.

Family Friday 67 12

Babies wake up on time, much faster than grownups do. And babies don’t need coffee or tea to get them revved up and ready for adventures.

It must be nice being a baby.

Family Friday 67 13
Visiting the imprisoned is a work of mercy.
Family Friday 67 14
And now we know that the bear does, in fact, go in the woods. At least the baby bears do.

Family Friday 67 15

Family Friday 67 16
Mommy and Evie!

Family Friday 67 17

The nicest thing about camping is the hours between meals when you can just sit around and relax.

Family Friday 67 18

And try out bold and audacious new hat styles.

Family Friday 67 19
Evie eats ALL the corn!
Family Friday 67 20
Daddy! I’m busy training right now.

Evie was pretty much in a state of either sleep or non-stop movement the whole weekend. She managed to trip and fall and faceplant a few times and collected three nice abrasions under her nose, a nice bruise on her forehead, an even bigger one on her chest, and any number of scratches, dings and bruises on her shins. Oh, and the barnacle bites and a splinter in her foot, which Daddy had to remove with tweezers (she didn’t cry a bit) and dress with bacitracin and band-aids and socks (she protested having to wear socks with sandals).

Did not stop moving, though.

Family Friday 67 21
She also wants to learn how to drive.
Family Friday 67 22
Sleepy, but happy, baby girl.

At last Sunday morning rolled around and we packed all the stuff and the small baby girl child into the car and drove back to Tacoma in time for 11:00 Mass. Evie did not sleep at all on the way to Mass, but she crashed hard on the way home from church, and actually slept really well at night the next two or three nights.

Family Friday 67 23
Evie has a hoodie just like Daddy’s!

Family Friday 67 24

On Tuesday Ryan took the entire rest of the top off the deck in preparation for the new decking boards arriving on Thursday. Apparently a raccoon used to live there. Or at least, it was alive there. For a little while. Before it became dead there.

Family Friday 67 26

This phase of the project involved moving a ton or so of deck boards, and since that is as far back as the truck can get, every one of them had to be carried by hand the rest of the way to the back of the house.

It was a good workout. Ryan needed it anyway.

Family Friday 67 25
Discombobulating the eggs.

Hopefully by mid-week next week Ryan can have that deck put together, so he can move on to the next project.

And that’s all for this week. Have a good weekend, and God Bless!

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