Family Friday 70


Family Friday has become something of a Thursday night scramble. I remember back during spring quarter I thought, “Dang, it will be nice to be on vacation. I will have plenty of time to type up Family Friday on Thursday, and I won’t have to scramble for it late Thursday night or early Friday morning.”

How naive!

Vacation has been, if anything, busier than school. To the point where Ryan is actually looking forward to starting school again, both for the sake of “getting on with it,” and of learning things again, but also fofamily-friday-70-2r the sake of the predictability of a regular schedule, even if it is a 14 hour a day schedule.

But that is all in the future. Not very distant, but still in the future.

Last weekend we weren’t able to get much Family time, because Daddy had to guard the nation (Ryan says, “You’re welcome.”) He shot a whole bunch of paper targets on Friday and spent all day Saturday waiting to fall out of a helicopter. Ten hours spent for ten minutes of flight, fall and landing.

So it was pretty late in the day when we all met up to visit Papa in the hospital. Evie was very happy to see him, and he is looking a lot better than he did. Most of the tubes and wires had come out by that time, and the IV line in his neck came out that night.


Evie likes the hospital because it has lots of lights and buttons and cool places to explore.


And balloons! Evie loves balloons.

We thought he was going to get to come home on Monday, but one of his tests wasn’t quite where they needed it to be, so they kept him until Wednesday. But he is home now. Hopefully we will get up to see them this weekend.


Kathleen took Monday off because we thought her dad was going to come home. Turns out he couldn’t, and Evie was spending the day with Aunt Dude, so Kathleen ended up having a full day to work on the front yard. family-friday-70-3Amazing how much you can get done with a full, baby free day!

On Monday night we went to the Washington State Fair. Evie got to ride around in style in the baby carrier, while Daddy got his ruckmarch on.

Evie says the chickens say, “Buk buk!”

She really liked the green tractors.


She wanted to stay on the tractors and drive all night, but alas, Mommy and Daddy are boring and decided we had to move on.


Evie didn’t much care for the petting zoo, but she did try to kiss a goat.


The butterfly pavilion was kind of a fear and trembling type of experience, for the butterflies. Also for Mommy and Daddy who were trying to keep Evie from grabbing butterflies and loving them to death. She didn’t even know she had three of them on her hat until she got to the end of the tent and looked in the mirror.


Then she said, “Whoah!” and took her hat off to look at them. She didn’t mean to be mean to the butterflies. She just liked them so much and she doesn’t know her own strength. Fortunately, Mommy and Daddy were on top of her every move, so no butterflies were harmed in the making of this Family Friday.


the last deck board arrived at the store today, so Daddy and Evie went and picked it up and put it in the deck. The deck is now complete, minus some calking and trim painting, and some leveling of one post, and some bracing of one section near the trap door, and some carving on the trap door itself. family-friday-70-7

Other than that, it’s complete.

That’s all for this week, folks. Hope you are all doing well. Keep us in your prayers as Ryan goes back to school on Monday.

God Bless!

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