Family Friday 74


One of Evie’s favorite words is “backpack.” She loves to rifle through both Mama’s and Dada’s backpacks when we get home, and she is very proud that she can point out which is which. She tried carrying Mommy’s backpack for a little bit, but it is too big for her.

That’s okay. Christmas is just around the corner.

Last Saturday we got together with Mass Consumption to cook a meal at our local homeless shelter again. We had quite a good turn out, and cooked some very tasty food!


She’s the woman with the plan! You want someone who can get things organized and feed 200+ people for less than $250 dollars and three hours of work? Kathleen is your gal.


And her faithful side-kick Ryan.


Kathleen and Jen mixing that chicken-rice-and-veggie casserole.

family-friday-74-8With berry cobbler for desert.


She must really trust her brother-in-law, because she put him on butter detail. Butter is very important to her.


Of course every boss needs some henchmen, which are not quite the same as minions. Henchmen are a lot more useful than minions, with lots of independent thought, but also a lot more unpredictable and harder to control.


Not sure whether Andy looks artsy or just creepy. He’s Andy.

Told you the food was delicious, LOL!


I just realized, no pictures of Celyn in this post, because she took them all. Sorry, Celyn.

We are trying to build a wooden pre-fab pergola on the new cement pad out back. However, the weather and the schedule have been refusing to cooperate, so we had to move all the pieces into the garage and stain them as our date night on Sunday.


Freakin’ romantical as heck, Yo!

Still haven’t gotten that thing put together yet, and won’t get it together this weekend either, because it is busy typhooning and stuff outside.

Evie got to help daddy work on it late after supper one night this week.

family-friday-74-20She had trouble with being told that she couldn’t climb the ladder unless Daddy was climbing it with her. After all, she climbs the ladders at the playground all the time. They, however, are not built on concrete.

family-friday-74-21And she had trouble lining up the socket wrench.

But she still had tons of fun, and it wore her our and made her a tired baby girl, which is always a good thing for Mommy and Daddy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Playing at the park is also a great way to become a tired baby girl, although I think it actually just energizes her, as often as not, and she turns into the energizer baby.

family-friday-74-17Modelling the new purse from Aunt Mary, with her fashionably draped snuggle-blankey toga.


Which also doubles as a dancing dress.

She is becoming girlier and girlier every day, which is a good thing, as long as she keeps up with her ninja training. Because priorities.

She just grows too darn fast! She is even borrowing one of the neighbor kids’ little scooter bikes.


An occupational hazard of being a parent, I suppose. Kids growing up that is. Could be worse though. They might not grow up.

As much as parents complain about how fast their kids grow up, I think they hate it even worse when their kids refuse to grow up, which Evie is definitely not doing.

So that’s good.

Anyway, that’s all for this week. Hope y’all have a good weekend. God bless, and pray for Peace in the World every day!


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