Family Friday 75

Short blog this week. Mommy and Daddy are beat, and Evie is too little to blog. Go figure.


Evie likes going to visit Jesus. It is one of her favorite things to do. She especially likes the 8 A.M. Mass on Sunday, because then she gets to hang out with her buddy Joshua afterwards.


Daddy has footlers!


Uncle Adam came over on Sunday to help move the pergola we are building in the back yard (no, it is not finished yet. Not even close.) We needed him to help us move it a total of 3 feet. It took about five minutes to set up, move it, and put everything away, but it was a good excuse for a two hour visit, complete with tea and chatting and Edmund.

family-friday-75-7Edmund is a hoss. And he can move! He crawls like a young gorilla, very fast and with a lot of inertia.


We visited them on Wednesday night for steak and salad and beer and salt potatoes.

What you got there, cos?

Maryanne makes some mean salt potatoes, almost as good as the ones Ryan and Adam grew up with. (Salt potatoes are a New York thing, dating back to the early 1800’s when Irish immigrants working the salt marshes in Syracuse NY used to bring their potatoes for lunch. When the lunch bell rang they would toss the raw potatoes into the boiling vat of brine, fish them out again, and voila!)


Nowadays we add butter, but other than that the recipe hasn’t changed. You take some potatoes, preferably new from the garden, and boil them with a whole lot of salt. Hence the name.


Edmund showed Evie one of his favorite toys: the spring loaded door stop.

It doesn’t get much better than that!


Quite a haul for less than $100

Mommy has been working very hard sorting Evie’s old clothes and tagging and pricing the ones that she doesn’t need or didn’t use much to sell at a baby item swap meet nearby, called “Just Between Friends.” She spent a few evenings and part of a morning working there, selling some of our extras and came home with a whole set of the next sizes up…



And a nice, shiny metal tricycle and a little red wagon. The tricycle is too big for Evie to reach the pedals, but she can sure ring the bell!



Mommy is Evie’s favorite Mommy ever!

And that’s all. We need to hit the hay and be up and at ’em dark and early tomorrow. Best of luck to all.

God Bless!



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