Family Friday 79

Last Friday was veteran’s day so Ryan had the day off classes.


This was Ryan at about 2 in the afternoon.

No, he didn’t spend the day loafing around and drinking beer and coffee. Nor did he spend it working on any of the three assignments he had due on Monday. Instead, he spent about  8 hours in the back yard, rototilling the plot of ground we plan on turning into a garden next year (we have plans for that plot). He also mowed, cleaned up the leaves, put down grass seed in the bare spots, and fertilized. And did not take any pictures, so you’ll just have to take our word for it.

By the way, this is not a paid endorsement of either Alaskan heritage coffee brown, or De Espresso Liber. However, both are excellent.

Saturday was a good, long, full family day. Haven’t had one of those in a while. Mommy and Daddy and Evie went to visit Jesus in the morning (at St. Andrew’s in Sumner) and then we went to paint pottery after Evie’s nap.


Okay Daddy, let me show you. You do it like this.

Evie likes painting pottery for a while, but eventually she gets tired of so much sitting still, and she wants to get down and run around and play with all the other pottery in the shop. Since Daddy had not finished his piece yet, Mommy had to take Evie out to practice for her driving test while Daddy finished painting.


Almost ready to drive!

She did not want to go into the back seat when it was time to leave. She likes being grown up, and car seats are for babies.

And to finish off the day we went out for pho.


Pho is one of our favorite family out-to-dinner meals. Evie really digs the noodles.


Red bean bubble tea for the win!


But bubble tea is her favorite!


You know she’s going to be bubble-tea drunk tonight.




Kathleen had to drink half the bubble tea as fast as she could to keep Evie from drinking it all, which she would have.

And she was bubble-tea drunk. She did not complain at all about going back in the car seat to go home, she was too busy laughing and chattering up a storm. The whole way home she was waving and calling “bye-bye” and blowing kisses to every car that passed. Half a bubble-tea and she’s flirting with everyone that walks by. Heaven help us!

family-friday-79-4And this was Kathleen’s Monday morning. Ryan was already in Seattle so Jerry had to come down from Enumclaw to help. But he had just had open heart surgery a few weeks ago and Kathleen didn’t want him changing a tire. Fortunately we had roadside assistance from USAA, and Ryan was able to log in and find the information and text it to Kathleen, and USAA came and changed the tire for us.

So that was our week. Super busy these days, coming into the final stretch of the fall quarter. family-friday-79-5

Have a good weekend! God Bless!

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