Family Friday 84

Well folks, we’re back. It was a heck of a trip. Evie picked up a few new phrases. Unfortunately, none of them were in Italian. Her top favorite new ones are:

“I chase birds!”


Another favorite is, “I ride train!”

This lady was tickled pink to have Evie jump up next to her.

And a third one we heard a lot was, “I tired.”


Traveling will do that to you, Baby Girl.

Well, to pick up where we left off with a quick trip to the Coliseum.

family-friday-84-29Unfortunately, due to the exigencies of toddlerhood (a.k.a. naptime) we were not able to get there until 4 PM, and by that time it was closed and the sun was starting to set. family-friday-84-28

So we took some beautiful pictures of the Coliseum in the sunset.

And Evie in the Sunset.

She is very contemplative, sometimes.

And this weird arch thingy with an ancient pygmy sculpture.


By which I mean it is an ancient statue of a pygmy, which we would later learn was a popular theme during a certain period in Roman decorative art. I am not sure whether this statue comes from the same decorative theme or not. In fact, I know almost nothing about it.

Then we hopped on the bus for another ride around Rome in the dark until Evie started insisting that we eat. “I eat dinner!”

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The next day we took the fast train south to Napoli, and from there we jumped on a regional train and ended up in Pompei, in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius.

You know, that volcano that erupted and buried an entire city alive.

We felt right at home immediately.


Our first sight on stepping off the train was this gorgeous church, The Church of the Blessed Mary of the Holy Rosary. family-friday-84-37

We have been inside so many gorgeous churches in Italy, but I think this one was Ryan’s favorite.

We arrived just as Morning Mass was letting out.

Evie liked it too.


From there we moved on into town looking for the old city. It was not hard to find.


It was amazing how much of it was preserved, and how much had been restored.

Ryan the Dad-iator emerges from the amphitheater, victorious, thanks to his trusty mini-combat-minion. Never underestimate the min-combat-minion.


Much of the decorative artwork, frescoes and marbles and such, had all been looted in the early 18th century. What remained, however, was gorgeous.

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In some places gardens had been replanted to show what they might have looked like in the city’s heyday.


The city’s streets, empty, and with huge, rough cobblestones.


Evie bit the dust on one of those stones. She bit her lip as well. Tears followed, but she got over them pretty quickly.

This was where one of the city’s bigwigs lived. This house would cost a fortune even by today’s standards.
Vesuvius sleeping in the background.

It was a long day, but well worth it, and even with a couple of hours in the old city we didn’t even see a quarter of it.

The Vatican Museums would turn out to be a similar experience.

Glimpses of the Mediterranean from the

family-friday-84-15Sunday morning we went to Sancte Spiritu in Sassia, a Church about a quarter mile from St. Peter’s square that featured an English Sunday was the day we joined Pope Francis for his Sunday Address and the Angelus. family-friday-84-16

The White Dot is Papa Francisco.

We went to the Trevi fountain that night, and took some pictures, but the area was swarming with tourists so we decided to take some pictures from a distance and then go back to the hotel to go to

We didn’t even stop at the Cocktail-to-go stand!family-friday-84-41

But we did introduce Evie to gelato (berry flavored, of course).

Gelato for everyone!

The berry gelato was so berry-ish, the thing was chock full of seeds! Real fresh fruit. I tell you, the Italians do not skimp on the ingredients.


Evie’s comment was: “Ummmmmmm, Nummy nummy nummy!

Of course we didn’t let her eat the whole thing by herself. That would have been a very foolish tactical error on our part as bed time was a few short hours away.

Baby wipes to the rescue. Poor Baby Girl has a fat lip from kissing the cobbles, but she didn’t let it slow her down.

The next day we took a three hour guided small group tour of the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica of St. Peter. I won’t even attempt to describe all of that.

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Our last stop that night was the Spanish Steps.


Evie’s favorite thing was the Christmas tree, or as she says, “The Miss-miss tree.”

family-friday-84-53Her least favorite was the selfies. She doesn’t like selfies, or holding still for pictures at all.


And in all fairness, we do kind of suck at selfies.

Then finally it was time to go home.


Evie stole Daddy’s return trip reading, but she actually did sleep four or five hours on the

And here we are back home, recovering from Europe and getting ready to get crushed by Christmas (Mommy works four twelve-hour night shifts over Christmas weekend. Yuck!)


But at least we have a very helpful baby girl.

What did we ever do without her?

Have a good weekend, Merry Christmas to all, and A Bah Humbug for those so inclined.

God Bless you all!


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