Family Friday 85


I wonder if you did a word search on all our Family Friday posts, what would be the most common word we use?

I bet it would be “Evie,” but I would be willing to bet that “busy” would come in a close second.

Holidays are not less busy than regular life, they are more busy.

Daddy and Evie went to an MC Christmas party.

Carrie and Celyn hard at work, prepping to make gift bags for the homeless.
Cole is rocking one of the beardliest beards MC has ever seen.

family-friday-85-1 family-friday-85-5 family-friday-85-4Christmas party with MC! Kathleen could not go because she worked nights over Christmas weekend.

That’s why she was still in her scrubs for Mass on Christmas morning. She still had energy to dance with Baby girl.


Evie had a very important job on Christmas morning.


She had to move the shepherds to the manger to visit the Baby Jesus who miraculously showed up in the night.

We did have Christmas dinner and opening presents but we didn’t take very many pictures. We were too busy. family-friday-85-9Evie has a few favorite presents from Christmas. She likes her backpack,


And her cleaning set.

family-friday-85-15And her tea set and Mother Teresa doll.


In fact she liked the tea set and doll so much that she did not want to leave them behind to go visit Deedee (that’s what she is calling Grandma these days) and Papa.


So she had a tea party on the go.


Evie helped Grandma and Papa take down their Christmas decorations.


While Daddy tried to finish the pizza box.

family-friday-85-14 It’s all done, except he still needs to find some handles for it.

Then we went up to Port Townsend, and Evie got to ride on a boat for the first time ever!family-friday-85-16“Water!”

It was very windy!family-friday-85-17

Family Selfie attempt!family-friday-85-18

And for our last adventure this week we went and fed the animals at the Olympic game farm.

Hey there, human. I hear you have bread. Can I have it?


family-friday-85-21family-friday-85-22 family-friday-85-23And that’s all there is to it, folks.

Now it’s bed time. See y’all in the funny pages.

God Bless!


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