Family Friday 90


This has been a rough week for the Kraeger Family. Seriously.

It started out well enough. Evie got some park time with Mommy.


She loves the park, all the climbing and sliding and running around.


Not to mention there are usually a few new friends to make the acquaintance of.

Then on Saturday the weather was so nice we played outside in the back yard that we spent so much time and money on last summer.



Black bear had to get moved for the new concrete to go in, and this is his new home. Evie likes to ride him.

Then on Sunday we went to drop Evie off at Deedee and Papa’s house so Ryan and Kathleen could go out for a date.


All was going well until Evie hurt her arm. She cried so hard, and she wanted Mama and Dada to kiss it and make it better, but even that didn’t help. So we ended up with our first trip to the ER. Cofamily-friday-90-7nsidering she made it almost two years without an ER trip, I think that’s pretty good.

We’ve never heard her cry like that before. She was breathless and blue and panicky and she wouldn’t move her arm. She kept trying to think of things to make it all better. “Dada kiss it, make better. Mama kiss it, make better. Sing rain! Sing Pooh Bear.” Even singing Pooh Bear couldn’t make it all better. Snuggling with Baby ‘Resa couldn’t help. She was actually glad when we told her we were going to the Doctor’s house.

We were seen at the ER really quickly, all things considered. Of course it feels like it takes forever. Evie certainly felt like it was taking forever. Then she changed her mind about wanting to be at the “Doctor’s House” as soon as the doctor came in. He wasted no time and went straight for a nursemaid elbow reduction (which is a cool trick) and prescribed her some ibuprofen and X-rays. She hates drinking medicines, so she decided she was probably better off at home and changed her tune to “Bye-bye Doctor’s house!”

Then the x-rays were even worse because Mommy and Daddy had to pin her hurting wrist down to the table while the X-ray tech took her pictures. Mommy and Daddy are old hands at that, and the tech was exceptionally efficient. We didn’t have to retake any of the pictures. But Evie was still very disappointed with the “take pictures.”

But after that she started to feel better. Whether it was the elbow reduction or the ibuprofen or both, she began to brighten up. She even practiced wrapping Baby ‘Resa’s arm with the ice pack and towel.


By the time Deedee and Papa arrived, she was talking and coloring.




We thought that was enough disaster for one week, but apparently we needed a little more inconvenience in our lives. Evie had a cold on Monday night and couldn’t sleep because her nose was stuffy. Kathleen worked 12 hour night shifts Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Daddy had his mid-terms on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then Evie got a stomach bug on Wednesday and Thursday, and Daddy had to stay late at school on Thursday…family-friday-90-10


TGIF. Maybe we’ll go out for Bubble Tea or something.

This child is a bubble tea fanatic!

Visit Uncle Adam and family. We have a birthday part to go to.


Hopefully we can find some time just to sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Hope you guys all had a good week, and have a good weekend.

God Bless!




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