Family Friday 92

Evie doesn’t smile for pictures. You have to tickle her to get that grin.

Saturday. The wonderful day when you do not have to get up at 3:30, when you can make pancakes for breakfast because you don’t have to run out the door by 4:30. You can hang out and read books, drink tea, cook supper together, clean the house, go shopping, balance the budget, move a week’s worth of dishes and laundry through their respective washing and drying…

So relaxing!

Of course it isn’t all work-work-work.

St. Therese is Evie’s patron saint, which is kind of like a big sister, only in Heaven. So with power.

We make time to go visit Jesus for confessions, at least every other weekend. Evie likes that because the church is mostly empty and she can run around and explore more freely than she can during Mass.

Nothing like a drive in movie in your Jammies.

We introduce Evie to Sleeping Beauty. She liked the music but prefers Cinderella still.



Mommy worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, so she had Monday off, and she spent it getting some of Evie’s older baby stuff sorted and tagged. She sorted out boxes of the stuff we will keep for the next one, and boxes of stuff we will sell at the baby sale this spring. The stuff to sell is mostly extra stuff that Evie never or rarely wore. Seriously, how does one small female collect more clothes than both of her parents put together?

Meanwhile, Evie spent the day with Deedee and Papa, and then rode the train home with daddy.


Showing Baby ‘Resa the sights as we pass them.

And this week was Evie’s birthday, but since Daddy still had school we didn’t celebrate it until Saturday.

Just a small cupcake for a small Evie.

That doesn’t belong to this Family Friday. It will have to wait until next week.

God Bless! Have a good weekend.




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