Family Friday 93

It was somebody’s birthday this week!family-friday-93-2

Actually it was last week, but we did the party on Saturday. Also, since she’s two years old now, we figured it was high time she learned to drive.

Just kidding! She can’t reach the pedals.

The birthday party was a lot of fun. We didn’t have a ton of people, just family and Auntie Danica (Evie’s godmother, so pretty much family).

Educational toys! Yay! Thanks mom 😀
Auntie Danica crocheted a batch of goodies for Evie’s tea set. They looked so tasty she tried to eat them!
Evie now has her very own “Doctor Coat!”

We don’t want you to think that we are trying to influence your career choices by our gifts, Baby Girl. You can be anything you want to be when you grow up.

Seriously, you can be a surgeon or a psychiatrist. Or a cardiologist. Or an OB/GYN. Or even a family practice doc.

Anything you want to be!

Dancing with Great Grandma!

Deedee and Papa gave Evie a year-long membership to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium so we went on Sunday, so Evie could see the fishes.

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Not all the animals we saw were fish…family-friday-93-7

Evie really liked the Tigers.


Thank you, Deedee and Papa!

Then, Daddy and Mommy both had Monday off! Yay! Family Trip time.

Cool Kid!

So we took the train up to Seattle and went to the Seattle Children’s museum.

Evie says, “Mama come in here!”

They had a supermarket play area. Evie especially loved that. So her Mommy’s daughter!family-friday-93-23On the other hand, her cart does have an awful lot of protein in it. And fish…

Let’s see, ham, cheese, fish, watermelon. Looks good to me!

So her father’s daughter too.

Of course we had to go through nap time.

Evie snuggle Mama.

Tired baby girl.

Aunt Susie gave Evie a membership to Wiggle Works, so Evie got to go for some more playing while Daddy and Uncle Adam were sword fighting. Playing is how baby girls learn best.

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That’s all folks. have a good weekend. God Bless.






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