Family Friday 96

We have been trying to keep it real and as laid back as possible this week, since the ordeal of last week. We were all pretty exhausted, especially Mommy. She had gotten less sleep than anyone and had been holding super strong throughout the whole business. On Saturday afternoon she had to take a nap.

Family Friday 96 (3)

Fortunately Daddy was home and Evie took a really good nap herself, so Mommy had a few good hours of sleep.

We were able to go to our usual 8:00 A.M. Sunday Mass, and everyone was happy to see Evie being herself again. In fact, she tried to join the altar server training after Mass.

Family Friday 96 (4)
I am big enough, Miss Ellen, see?

On Sunday Mommy had a migraine. Small wonder, given all the stress she had been under. We had been planning on going to the hardware store to see the baby chicks and buy a composter, but Daddy and Evie had to go by theirselves.

We got to meet a show rooster named Paul.

Family Friday 96 (7)

Evie thought his hairdo was funny.

Then Daddy was sick for a few days with an upset tummy, and then Mommy had an upset tummy as well.


But we managed to get through the week with no more than our share of vomiting, diarrhea and exhaustion. And Evie had no seizures. She is back to her self!


Family Friday 96 (8)
I Flying!

She is training on the rings…

Family Friday 96 (9)


And singing in the rain!

I hope you are too.

God Bless. Have a good weekend, see you next time.



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