Family Friday 97

Last Saturday our friends Ben and Christine had a birthday party for there son Nolan, who is also Ryan’s godson.

Family Friday 97 (3)
Happy Birthday Big Guy!

This little rascal showed up too!

Family Friday 97 (8)
It’s no wonder he’s so big! He is always eating.

The zoo-keeper brought a turtle for the kids to play with.

Family Friday 97 (1)

Evie wanted to touch the turtle. Really bad.


Family Friday 97 (2)
I need a turtle!

After the party we went to go visit the fishies, and then ride the merry-go-round.

Family Friday 97 (9)
Evie wants to go riding off to win the Darby like Mary Poppins.
Family Friday 97 (4)
Faster, Daddy, Faster!

On Sunday we had a big Pizza Party!

Family Friday 97 (11)
Kathleen taught herself how to make gnocchi dough for her “Bangers and Mash” pizza.
Family Friday 97 (10)
The day turned out beautiful!
Family Friday 97 (5)
Teaching Evie the basics of pressing out the dough: “Don’t use the fingernails.”
Family Friday 97 (6)
The “Chicken/Veggie stir-fry” is always a favorite.


Family Friday 97 (12)
Evie was super excited to have a whole bunch of other kids over to play.

Family Friday 97 (13)



Family Friday 97 (14)

Our first outdoor pizza party of the year was a great success!

Since Daddy had the week off from school, he was able to get a few odd jobs done around the house.

Family Friday 97 (7)
And of course, Evie is always ready to help.

That’s all folks! hope you have a good weekend. God Bless!



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