Family Friday 99

Evie has decided that she is a big girl now. As such, she feels she should no longer have to take naps.


Family Friday 99 (2)
Yes, I have improved the décor. And I restyled my look. What do you think of it?

She would rather have tea and study the Thai alphabet.


Family Friday 99 (1)
She knows “Gor Gai.” That’s about it. Oddly enough, that’s about all Daddy knows too.

Not much going on these days. Daddy is doing school, Mommy is scanning people for vascular abnormalities. Late nights, early mornings. Or in Mommy’s case this week, early nights and late mornings (she’s been working nights).

Family Friday 99 (6)

But Daddy decided to play hooky today, so he and Evie got outside to work on the lawn a little bit.


Family Friday 99 (7)
Evie couldn’t reach to dump the mulch in the bin, but she was thrilled to have an Evie sized shovel.


Family Friday 99 (8)
All of Daddy’s pictures are over-exposed.


Family Friday 99 (9)
Evie is going to plant a raspberry! To eat!

Then in the afternoon, after Evie’s nap, Mommy and Daddy and Evie all went to the “Outside park” (as opposed to the “Wiggle park,” which is inside).


Family Friday 99 (5)
Playing telephone with Daddy. Those little phones actually do transmit sound like the old cans-and-string telephones we used to make as kids.

Evie has discovered that when she climbs up into the spider web, she doesn’t have to stop when she gets to the center.



Family Friday 99 (3)
Evie climb!

She can keep going!


Family Friday 99 (4)
Evie come down?!

She is good at climbing up. Back down is not quite there yet.

Uncle Matthew says that going back down comes later, and gravity helps. Evie just likes to let go, so Daddy will catch her.

And now it is time for Daddy to get back to school. Mommy is already back at work.

Good night, and have a good weekend, y’all.

God Bless!








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