Family Friday 100

Wow. We have been doing Family Friday for 100 weeks! That’s almost two years!

Hard to believe Evie is more than 2 years old already.

Family Friday 99 (4)
Evie do it a-self!

She is indeed two year old. And then some. She has become super grow-up and independent lately. Her favorite phrases are “I know, right?” and “I do it a-self!” Family Friday 99 (8)

She also likes asking, “Why not?”

She likes standing in her crib when it’s time to nap or go to bed and insisting, “No no! I can’t. I can’t take a nap.” One time this week she did that for an hour at a time until Mommy went in to rock her some more.

Five minutes later…Family Friday 99 (7)


Family Friday 99 (6)
Daddy and Evie let Mommy sleep in on Saturday while we made blueberry pancakes.


Family Friday 99 (9)
Collecting sticks…



Family Friday 99 (10)
To give to the ducks. Because the mommy duck needs sticks and the daddy duck needs sticks.


We hope you all are having a Holy Triduum, and that you have a wonderful Easter.

God Bless!






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