You’re Lucky You’re so dang cute!

This morning, at the unholy hour of 2 AM, I heard a little voice calling me over the baby monitor.

“Daddy! A-portant, Daddy! A-portant!” She was very insistent about both the Daddy part and the important part.

I groggily got up and shuffled into Evie’s room and asked, “What is important, Evie?”

For answer she looked up at me and put her hands up to be picked up. I sighed. “Evie, you know what is important right now? Daddy getting some sleep is important.”

She just reached out and wrapped her arms around my stomach. I picked her up and started carrying her to our room. She wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear, “Yes, Dada.”

I laid her down in our bed. She said, “Good job, Dada!” Snuggled right in between Mommy’s spot and my spot, and went right to sleep.

All I have to say, little girl, is you’re lucky you’re so dang cute!Family Friday 99 (7)

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