Family Friday 101

Happy Easter Week, y’all!


Family Friday 101 (7)
Evie hunting eggs at St. John of the Woods parish.


Easter weekend was quite lovely, in every way. The weather was nice.


Family Friday 101 (6)
The weather was go-outside-in-your-jammies nice.

Neither Mommy nor Daddy had to work, and we were able to attend all the Triduum services, except the Easter Vigil. It didn’t even start until after Evie’s bedtime.


Family Friday 101 (8)
Showing Auntie Grace her haul.

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After that we came home and planted our garden. Eveie is very big and helpful now.


Family Friday 101 (9)
Evie helping!


We got to go to Easter Morning Mass with Uncle Adam and Aunt Maryanne and Edmund. Then, as if one Easter egg hunt wasn’t enough, we went up to Enumclaw and had dinner with Kathleen’s family who set up Evie’s very own personal Easter egg hunt.

Family Friday 101 (10)
Evie find-a eggs!

There were a couple of dozen eggs. Needless to say, Evie did not get to eat all that Easter candy. We are not that crazy.

Family Friday 101 (11)
Evie and Edmund sharing some Panera macaroni & cheese.


Daddy and Evie tried to go to MC on Monday, but none of the other MC people were there because Diana was out of town. But Uncle Adam and Edmund showed up too.


Family Friday 101 (12)
Best of friends.

Now it’s back to work.

Family Friday 101 (13)
Daddy practicing his suturing at school.

We hope you all have a good Divine Mercy weekend. God Bless!





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