Family Friday 102

Sorry for the late posting. It’s still Friday, so it isn’t really late, but it has been a busy week. Midterms and all.

Family Friday 102 (1)
Evie got some crocheted bunnies from Auntie Danica.

Mid-terms were rough. Fortunately they are over. In only five more weeks Ryan will be done with didactic year, and ready to begin clinical years.

Family Friday 102 (4)
Evie and Daddy reading “Otter in Space” in a blanket tent.

We managed to get some yard work done too. Evie helped dig out a pit to put Mommy’s clothesline back in.

Family Friday 102 (5)

And she helped fill the hole in when we were done.



Family Friday 102 (6)
Evie is working hard!

And it turned out beautifully! Evie can climb while Mommy hangs up her laundry.

Family Friday 102 (7)


We also had a delicious meal at Uncle Adam and Aunt Maryanne’s house of stuffed lamb chops, kale, green beans, macaroni and herbed dinner rolls, with the blueberry and feta salad that Kathleen made.

Family Friday 102 (10)
Aunt Maryanne’s parents were there too. And, of course, Baby Edmund.


Family Friday 102 (8)
A one man band at the farmer’s market.

Evie and Daddy went to Barnes and Noble together to get a book for Auntie Danica’s baby shower.

Family Friday 102 (9)
“Daddy! It’s a Dory book!”

Of course she found some other books that she just had to have. We ended up buying a couple more books than we had planned.

That’s just what happens when you go into Barnes and Noble. She is her daddy’s child!

That’s all for tonight. Have a good weekend, folks. God Bless!






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