Family Friday 103

Family Friday 103 (1)We didn’t do a whole lot this week. We went to the zoo last Friday after Evie’s doctor appointment (just a follow up with the pediatric neurologist, everything is fine). Evie wanted to go see the fishes. As far as she is concerned that is the most important part of the zoo.


Family Friday 103 (2)
This is not the fish she was looking for.

They had an imaginative and rather sad event going on called “Washed Ashore,” featuring sculptures of various marine animals made entirely out of garbage found washed up on the beach.

Cool artwork with a sad reality behind it.


Family Friday 103 (3)
Evie is not necessarily a fan of the beaten path.

The zoo is under construction right now, so we didn’t get to see all of the animals.


Family Friday 103 (4)
Evie did like this very handsome barn owl. The owl was not impressed.


Family Friday 103 (5)
It’s our favorite lounge spot at the zoo.


Family Friday 103 (6)
Evie making friends with gentle giants.

The gorilla reminds her of daddy. Only his head isn’t bald.

And speaking of monkeys…


Family Friday 103 (7)
Evie do it a-self!

The weather over the weekend was so nice that we were able to get outside and work in the yard and garden a bit.


Family Friday 103 (8)
Evie and Daddy working out on the rings. Evie can hold on for a long time!



Family Friday 103 (9)
Evie and Mommy visiting Evie’s patron saint at confessions.

Then on Sunday we joined Mommy’s work buddies to help hand out water and electrolyte replacement beverages at the Tacoma marathon.

Family Friday 103 (10)
Somebody gave Evie a pair of hipster glasses. She did the rest of her look herself.


And the rest of the week has been just the usual grind of school, night shifts for Mommy, and working hard for Evie. Which may not be super exciting, but with all the exciting things going on in the world these days, we can use a little normal.

And God is found in the midst of the normal just as much as the wild and exciting. Perhaps even more.


God Bless!













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