Family Friday 104 – 106

I am sure y’all think we completely forgot about Family Friday these last few weeks. I assure we didn’t forget. We just didn’t get to it. We remembered the family part. It’s just the Friday part we haven’t been keeping track of.

Family Friday 106 (1)
Evie painted Mommy a rock and some Mother’s Day cards.

Daddy had to work for the National Guard the first weekend of May, but it turned out to be a very cool training event. All he had to do was sit out in the woods and be ready in case anyone got hurt doing land navigation. No one got hurt. And Daddy brought Evie out to play in the woods too!


Family Friday 106 (4)
One of the guys brought his bird dog to practice with, and he let Evie play with her.


Family Friday 106 (5)
“but Daddy, the buddies are that way!” (Other people are “buddies” in Evie’s world.)


Family Friday 106 (6)
She was playing sleeping in the grass. She wasn’t actually sleeping. She completely skipped her whole nap.


Family Friday 106 (7)
Climbing on the fence around somebody’s monument.

Then the next weekend was Mommy and Daddy’s anniversary. Evie went to stay at Deedee and Papa’s house, and Ryan and Kathleen went camping.


Family Friday 106 (2)
We haven’t had a weekend all to ourselves since Matt’s funeral more than a year ago.


Family Friday 106 (9)
Kathleen cooked “gob ’ems” on the fire. The lady can cook some serious campfire food.


Family Friday 106 (12)
Ryan helped with the burgers to go with the beans.


Family Friday 106 (10)
We sat around talking for hours like a couple of old people.

But we did get our party on. The beverages flowed freely and a good time was had by all.


Family Friday 106 (11)
Yes, she is downing the last of a bottle of Sparkling Grape juice. Like a boss.

Is the choice of beverage not adult enough for you? Well, that’s because we weren’t technically alone.

There was one non-adult present.


Family Friday 106 (8) Ultrasound
“Nugget” prefers non-alcoholic beverages, thank-you very much.

Meanwhile, Evie is getting ready to be a big sister this November.


Family Friday 106 (13)
Evie is helping in the garden. She is snuggling with the potatoes.

That’s all for this week. Next week is finals and such, so we will likely be busy. Ryan’s last chance to fail out of PA school.


Have a good Memorial Day weekend. God Bless!














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