Family Friday 107 – 109

I know, I know, I know. What’s with the long delay between Family Fridays? It’s “Family Friday,” y’all, not “Family First-of-the-month” or “Family Fifteenth-or-whatever-day-we-happen-to-get to.” Don’t we know there’s a Friday every week? It’s not a day that comes around once a month, you know, or semi-weekly, or at the end of every quarter.Family Friday 107-109 (10)


Well, folks, things got busy. Actually, they are always busy. But they got busier. Or we just got sidetracked. We’re sorry. Aliens. Pick whichever excuse works for you.

So let’s take it back to where we left off about three weeks ago. That was at the start of Ryan’s Final Finals week. Once again, Ryan Failed to Fail out of PA school.

Which means there is now a very high probability that someday he will be out in a clinic or hospital somewhere, actually doing medicine to some poor hapless individual. Start praying now!


Family Friday 107-109 (4)
“I think penicillin is indicated prophylactically for this patient.” “I concur!”

Oh well, that’s still a year or two off, i.e. until Ryan starts practicing medicine without adult supervision. In the meantime we have lots of stuff that needs to be done.

Such as potty training. Potty training must continue, even during picnics.

Family Friday 107-109 (11)
The only time Evie gets to use the iPhone is when she is sitting on the potty. This kills too birds with one stone: incentivizes potty training, and limits screen time. She uses it to look at pictures, by which she means scrolling through Kathleen’s photo and video roll.

We joined Papa and Deedee and Grandma Betty and the whole gang to put flags on family graves for Flag Day (now known as Memorial Day).


Family Friday 107-109 (6)
Evie was more interested in picking flowers up than putting them down.


Family Friday 107-109 (7)
Evie and “G-G” (Great Grandma Betty).

Kathleen and Auntie Danica had a date to make beeswax impregnated cloths for wrapping food (instead of plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Yes, it is a real thing, and yes, they actually work).


Family Friday 107-109 (5)
It’s a pregnant lady craft party!

We got Evie her own watering can, which she loves to use.


Family Friday 107-109 (8)
Giving the tomatoes a drink.

Speaking of watering the garden, Cousin Edmund came over to play with Evie and they got to play in the sprinkler!






Family Friday 107-109 (9)
He looks like he’s about to bust out some sick break dancing rips.

Deedee and Papa are gardening too, and their strawberries are already starting to come in strong.


Family Friday 107-109 (2)
Evie approves of strawberries.

Most of our free time is spent doing ordinary stuff, like going out for bubble tea after Saturday confessions.

Family Friday 107-109 (13)

Or making rice crispy treats with Mommy for camping.


Family Friday 107-109 (3)
Evie’s job is quality controlling the rice crispy treats. She takes it very seriously.

Or riding the train and bus with Daddy after staying over with Deedee and Papa on sunday.


Family Friday 107-109 (14)
Evie is reading the sound transit guide. She thought it was boring. Which it is.

No new ultrasound pictures but Mommy and little nugget are both doing fine. Keep us in your prayers as we move forward with pregnancy, school, work, National Guard, and all the myriad other things we have lined up for this summer. Hopefully we’ll get in at least a little relaxing too.

God Bless!





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