Family Friday 110

Last day of school!!!!

Woohoo! Daddy is done with Didactic year today, after two weeks of summer class. Of course he still has school the rest of the summer, but it is all online. And of course he has National Guard stuff to do, but hopefully most of that will be low-intensity.

But enough about that. We now have time for family stuff. We all went camping last weekend with Deedee and Papa for Father’s Day. Evie had so much fun she didn’t want to sleep the whole time.


Family Friday 110 (2)
Evie climb a tree!

We found all kinds of wild life.


Family Friday 110 (3)
A centipede


Family Friday 110 (1)
And “Saul the Salamander.” Evie really liked Saul but we let him go back in the woods.

Saul was especially cool because when we found him outside he was all cold and slow-moving so it was not hard at all to catch him. But after a few minutes inside Deedee and Papa’s camper he warmed up and started to dart around so we had to put him back outside. Deedee didn’t want a salamander loose in her camper.


Family Friday 110 (8)
She spent about 15 minutes just standing on the beach and throwing rocks into the sound.


Family Friday 110 (5)
Daddy and Evie played hide and seek. Daddy is really good at hiding, but Evie is even better at seeking.


Family Friday 110 (9)
Fan the flames!

Evie is too little to help with the fire or roast marshmallows by herself, but we let her help mommy fan the fire with a fan that Daddy made.


Family Friday 110 (6)
Evie go on a ‘venture!

Life at home goes on as usual. Our garden is growing like crazy.


Family Friday 110 (10)
It’s the Princess in the Peas!

Mommy and the New Baby are both doing fine, albeit a little bit warm as the weather heats up.

We hope you all have a great weekend. God Bless!

Family Friday 110 (4)









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