She Needs Her Daddy


We watched Disney’s new animated movie, “Moana,” this week. Evie really enjoyed the movie for the singing and dancing, and she loved the fact that most of it happens on a boat in the ocean.

During the sad parts of the movie when Moana cries, or the scary partsmaxresdefault when they are fighting the Lava monster, she wasn’t exactly upset. But she did have to snuggle with Mommy and offer this piece of advice:

“Her needs her Daddy.”

Which I thought was kind of funny, considering that is kind of the exact opposite of the movie’s message, but in Evie’s world there are still no problems that can’t be solved by snuggling with Mommy and calling for Daddy to fix it.

It won’t be like that forever. Eventually she will find herself on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no Mommy or Daddy, but for now it’s nice that she feels that way.


And incidentally, that movie would have been a flop without Dwayne Johnson.


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