Family Friday 115 – 116

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their summer.

Family Friday 115 - 116 (12)
“Yook, Dada! I find a syug!”

Have you ever wondered why people say that? No one ever says, “I hope you are enjoying your autumn,” or winter or spring. Why is that? is it because we are trained to think of summer as “vacation time?”


Who outside of the narrow world of school and academia (not the same things) actually gets a summer off?

But I digress. Even though Ryan technically has the summer off, the Kraeger Family remains busy. Kathleen, of course, does not have the summer off (those arteries and veins aren’t going to scan themselves, you know) and Ryan has been kept occupied with a combination of National Guard, his Capstone project, and garden/yard work. Yet somehow we still manage to enjoy our summer.

Last week was Kids Swiss Camp at the Swiss Park. The Camp is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year. Kathleen was one of the original campers from class 001, and has been volunteering there ever since, first as a counsellor and then as a dishwasher.

Family Friday 115 - 116 (8)
Mary Ulrich teaching knitting. She is 102 years old.

So of course we had to go up for this camp and watch the older Swiss generation passing on their traditions to the younger generation.

Family Friday 115 - 116 (11)
Cheese-making is a very important part of Swiss culture.

Family Friday 115 - 116 (10)

Family Friday 115 - 116 (4)
As is the eating of that cheese.

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Evie is too young for Kids Camp by a good many years, but she loves the Swiss park. They have a great playground that she likes to play in when she is visiting Deedee and Papa. This time they had all kinds of toys for her to play with (scenery for the play the kids were practicing.

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On Sunday night Ryan and Kathleen experimented with pizza on the grill for date night.


Family Friday 115 - 116 (18)
Unfortunately it stuck to the peal, so getting the pizza off the peal and onto the stone was a problem. It mangled the dough pretty badly.


Family Friday 115 - 116 (17)
And we were so into the pizza/grill fiasco that we burned the cheesy garlic bread. #RealLifeRomance



Family Friday 115 - 116 (19)
Ugly, but edible.

Still, it was fun and relaxing, and it’s date night, so who cares if it isn’t perfect.

The garden is coming along nicely. Tomatoes and cantalopes are looking promising.

Family Friday 115 - 116 (1)


Family Friday 115 - 116 (2)
That’s Kathleen’s hand, not Ryans.

Peas are all harvested and done for the year. Now it is the beets, carrots and beans taking their turn.


Family Friday 115 - 116 (20)
Not bad for a couple hours’ work.

And we even have blossoms on our little pumpkin plants!


Family Friday 115 - 116 (21)
We shall see if they amount to anything.

That’s all for this week. God Bless! Have a good weekend.


Family Friday 115 - 116 (16)
Evie and her friend Joshua hanging out after Mass.











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