Well, we all had a great time last weekend, although it was a bit busy. We had a going away party planned for Ryan, although as it happens he is not going away quite yet. That was on Saturday, and Ryan had some work to do in the Armory early in the morning. Accordingly, then, in order to be back in time to set up for the party, he left the house a little after 5, got to the armory, and got his ruckmarch in before the guy he was supposed to meet arrived at 0800.

Family Friday 159 (1)

Our business took a little longer than expected, and then he had to drive to Enumclaw to pick up some things from Dude and Susie, and then while he was there “you may as well stop at Geri and Jerry’s and take their food down too,” and then the truck gas light pinged, and Kathleen called to say we were out of lettuce and tomatoes, and then there was an accident on 167 and the 30 minut drive turned into a 60 minute drive… when all was said and done, Ryan did not get home until lunch, on the day we were supposed to host 30+ people at our house.

Fortunately, Kathleen is awesome, and she somehow managed to get most of the cooking done, and part of the setup set up while taking care of the girls.

Family Friday 159 (2)
Setting up the veggie tray… with bacon.

Then Papa showed up and we got everything put together with time to spare. Seriously, we don’t even get stressed about parties anymore, because they always end up working out fine. Someone always shows up, there is always way more than enough food and drink, and everyone always has a great time.



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The following day was the Feast of Corpus Christi, and St. Frances Cabrini had a Eucharistic procession. Evie loved it. It was exciting and new, and she asked a ton of questions. Family Friday 159 (6)For one thing she kept asking if Jesus was going to die, and at first Daddy didn’t understand what she was talking about. However, then she asked why we weren’t taking Jesus into the school, and then I realized she was remembering the Holy Thursday procession to the altar of repose, and she thought we were doing the same thing.

Family Friday 159 (7)
Plus she got to wear her “marrying shoes.”

Never take bets on what this little girl does or does not remember.

Then Evie and Ellie went up to Deedee and Papa’s house, while Daddy and Mommy had a date. (A real date, with food at a restaurant, and a movie… and the laundry was already finished!)

Papa is a comfy place to nap.

Evie enjoyed eating the first of Deedee’s strawberries.

Ellie has done a lot of growing this week. In addition to her new tooth she now knows how to drink from a straw.

Family Friday 159 (10)
She figured it out on Sissy’s water bottle.

Evie is making fashion statements as usual.

Family Friday 159 (15)
Playing a flute while wearing a Green Beret with Pajamas? Why not!?

But she is a wonderful helper, especially with things like taking laundry off the line.

Family Friday 159 (18)
“I got it, Daddy!”

She can hang them up too, a little, but only if someone holds them up for her while she operates the clothespin, so she doesn’t do that much.

Family Friday 159 (19)
Drinking real big-person tea! (Mostly milk with a little dash of Earl Grey. Are you kidding? NO ONE wants to see Evie on caffeine!)

Mommy had the morning off, and Daddy gets done with physical therapy about mid-morning, so we had a wonderful brunch date Thursday morning.

Family Friday 159 (11)
Ellie came along too, to charm everyone in sight.


And we even got out into the garden today for some weeding,

Family Friday 159 (21)
Daddy only has one hand, but he still manages.

And some planting of our second round of corn, about four weeks behind the first round, as well as some cucumber and melon.

Mommy and Evie found some little green plums on our two-year-old plum tree!

Family Friday 159 (14)
She insisted that the plums had to have a name, and the name was “Plummy Plum!”


And Evie proudly harvested the first of our strawberries as well!

Family Friday 159 (13)
She gardens in style. And yes, those strawberries are just about to fall out of the colander.


That’s all for this week, folks. God Bless, and have a great weekend!

Family Friday 159 (9)