It has been a fairly ordinary week here at the Kraeger house. Just hanging out, working, playing with the girls. You know, that sort of thing. Deedee had a birthday on Sunday, and she turned 60!!!

Deedee 60th B-day (1)
Happy Birthday Deedee!

We went out to lunch at a restaurant called “Shenanigans,” and let me tell you, there were some shenanigans.

Deedee 60th B-day (2)
A rare picture of Evie sitting still and looking at the camera, sort of. And Grandma Betty looking classy.

Evie made herself right at home next to the window and kept calling out all the things she could see on the water. She also made friends with the man in the next seat. By the time we left she had dubbed him “Captain Tim” and also “Uncle Tim.”

Not shy at all, that one.


Deedee 60th B-day (3)
Ellie enjoyed herself with much less fanfare. 




Then Evie and Ellie went up to Deedee and Papa’s house for the night, where they ate all the strawberries.

Family Friday 160 (21)
Evie is big enough to help pick, but if I were Papa I would make her do the bending down. She’s a lot closer.

Evie found Mommy’s old hand prints!


Family Friday 160 (22)
Still a little smaller than Mommy was.

Daddy continues to excel at physical therapy.



Family Friday 160 (1)
If you can’t work both arms, work the one arm twice as hard. 

It’s a good technique.

With one arm out of commission, Daddy is trying to make time for reading, and is actually making it through some books, a little bit here, a little bit there.


Family Friday 160 (20)
He gets really into it.


Ellie is working out too.

Family Friday 160 (4)

The trick she is working on is called, “Pull myself up, any way I can.”

Family Friday 160 (6)
Almost there! If I just… stretch… a little… further!

Which is ambitious, considering she doesn’t crawl yet. Who needs that, right? Skip the horizontal, go straight for the vertical.

Family Friday 160 (5)

Unfortunately, horizontal has a way of catching up with you.

Family Friday 160 (2)
I’ll just practice crawling right here. Perfect!

Mommy has also been busy, as usual. Last week she made some plum jam and canned it.

Family Friday 160 (3)
It is as yummy as it looks.

She made a small batch because it’s more of an artisanal jam than one that you would put on peanut butter sandwiches or anything like that. It has a sweet, tangy flavor with a gorgeous color.

Family Friday 160 (19)
Four beautiful half pint jars.

The rest of the week has been pretty much normal. Here are some pictures of it:


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That’s all for this week, folks. Have a good weekend, God Bless!