Last week may not have been a great week to skip Family Friday. A lot happened that week, and a lot happened this week, so this is going to be a long FF.

Grandma Ann Strikes Again! This time with matching “Madeline” dresses.

Holy Double Trouble, Batman!

The week was busy. In fact, it was a blur. We managed to catch a few photos, however.

AS the girls grow older, surprising personality traits start to emerge. Big Sister still can’t sit still to save her life, unless she is painting or drawing. That will reliably keep her stationary and (relatively) quiet for 15 – 30 minutes. Perhaps that’s why Little Sis likes to paint together. She gets to make all the noise for once.

Also, Big Sis has no idea where anything is at any given time, anywhere in the house. Things she uses all the time, like her back pack, her water bottle, etc. just get left wherever she happens to drop them, and she can never remember where that was. So far not unusual for a four-year-old. But suddenly she has decided that this particular drawer must be neat and organized.

This is where the tooth cleaning and hair doing supplies live.

One night she just started organizing it, putting everything in rows and lines, and she became quite upset when Mommy and Daddy put things back in the drawer somewhere other than where she had them.

As they grow older, they also, occasionally, have birthdays. One such birthday occurred last week. That’s right, Little Sis is now officially two-ified.

Probably her favorite birthday present was her very own brand new rucksack! She refuses to go anywhere outside the house without it, and even carries it around inside the house for fun.

Now she’s just like Sissie!

She doesn’t take the “terrible two’s” as seriously as Big Sis did, having a much more laid back personality (thanks be to God!)

Daddy had one day off in the middle of the week which was not taken up with shopping and catching up on errands and online training. So he and Little Sis took the next step in the great sheet mulch experiment. That is, they seeded the lawn with night crawlers.

Unfortunately, in the days since then, or rather in the nights since then, the temp has been dropping pretty drastically down to the low thirties. We’ve had some solid frosts, and are expecting even colder temps this weekend. Hopefully those worms were able to burrow deep enough, fast enough to survive. Otherwise, that was some expensive soil amendment. But it was still fun.

We had the cousins over on Saturday so Uncle Adam and Aunt Maryanne could go on a date. Despite the chill in the air we made them play outside most of the afternoon,

While Mommy made and canned carrot soup…

and cranberry sauce (not pictured). Both turned out quite well, and we have to say, the carrot soup is probably one of the most colorful things we put away on our shelves.

Then, after it got cold and dark we let the kids come inside for supper, and to watch a movie. They weren’t very interested in the movie, however, and spent most of the time playing “ring-around-a-rosie” and all falling down on the living room carpet.

Sunday was a quiet day, and we purposely kept it that way instead of trying to schedule any get-togethers or anything like that. Instead we hung out inside and outside all day, read books, played games, talked, and ate food and drank tea.

Big Sis did amazingly well at learning how to play “Ticket to Ride!”

The week leading up to Thanksgiving was busy as well, even though it was a short week. We always end up trying to shove as much of the errands and extra work into it as possible, and then there is the added planning for the big Thanksgiving meal. Fortunately, we decided to keep it simple, this year, and that turned out to be a great call. It meant that we had time to do things like go to the park in the middle of the week.

And climb trees to sing princess songs.

Yes, she is climbing trees in crocs.

We had a bit of a scare early in the week when Great-Grandma Betty had some trouble with her heart failure and had to go into the hospital. However, they got it under control very quickly, so quickly that she was able to have visitors the next day.

And she was getting up and moving around easily, and even was able to pick up Little Sis.

So we keep praying for her, but we think she is going to do all right for now.

Every once in a while, Daddy likes to try something new for breakfast on his days off.

Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Bars.

Banana Oatmeal bars were quite popular, and quite easy to prep. The only downside is the 45 minute back time, which means getting up early. Oh well. Sleep when you’re dead, right?

The most beautiful late fall weather, these days.

We are having a special guest over for the weekend. Uncle Matthew flew in the night before Thanksgiving. (Let me tell you, picking him up from SeaTac was a disaster!) Here is rare photographic evidence of him helping out in the kitchen. It is also a rare photograph of Mommy with some spare thyme on her hands.

It was a simple, quiet Thanksgiving meal, featuring crockpot turkey breast and oven roasted duck, home canned green beans, and some corn, with squash bake, pie and garlic bread from Deedee, and cookies from Dude.

Papa had to be late because he was driving Great Grandma Betty home from the hospital.

Oh, and shrimp dip.

Lots and lots of shrimp dip. This was Little Sis’ first time trying it.

And that’s about it. Thanks for tuning in. Thank God for all His marvelous blessings, spiritual and physical, big and small, noticed and unnoticed.

Have a great weekend! God Bless.

Drill weekends are always a tough time for Family-ing. Daddy is usually off doing his Army thing, Mommy usually brings the girls up to visit Deedee and Papa, and we do a quick “high-five” between supper and bed-time prayers, or maybe before breakfast.

This week the girls went to Cousin Edmund’s birthday party, while Daddy was standing in lines all day.

On Sunday, instead of being out training, we had a lot of admin stuff to take care of, so the girls bought us breakfast and delivered it to the Armory.

Hot scramblers and fresh baked muffins with homemade jelly and home canned peaches. Yes Please!

After breakfast Daddy got back to work while the girls went to Dude’s house. One of the apple trees got uprooted in the last wind storm, so Uncle Pat was there cleaning up the debris.

The girls pitched in to help, of course. Never too young to help.

Big Sissie is even big enough to move whole branches all by herself!

After the tree was cleaned up they decorated Dude’s porch.

Dude loves holidays, so she appreciated the theme of the decor.

Later in the afternoon we all got together and went shopping at Costco. We don’t like shopping on Sundays, but drill weekends throw everything off.

Including nap time.

Daddy started his new job this week, so he had less time with the girls, and most of that free time was spent shopping for more groceries (meat prices are better at the commissary than at Costco). Baby Girl likes going to the commissary for shopping because it usually means we are still on base at lunch time, which usually means a trip to the food court.

Mango Smoothie! Yummy!

The other major project has been the sheet mulch. We were expecting it to start to rain heavily by yesterday, so Daddy was trying to get the leaf layer finished by then. Once leaves get wet they get heavy and it is much harder to move them. Fortunately, we ran into the local parks people and found out where they stash all the leaves they are cleaning up around town these days.


Finally, the whole front lawn is covered with three layers:

  1. N2 rich amendments.
  2. Cardboard
  3. Biomass (leaves)

Let me just say, it’s hard to appreciate how big a lawn really is until you have tried to cover the whole thing a foot deep in leaves.

Now if it would only start raining!

And that’s all for this week! Remember to pray for us. God Bless!

Welcome back, Folks! It’s been a great, quiet week, although pretty busy. Like most week it has had more than its share of busyness, and less than its share of quiet and relaxing. Daddy got Baby Girl’s head cold, and passed it on to Mommy, somehow. We love the mid-week “high-five head cold pass off!” It’s a sign we’re in this together. LOL.

But seriously, not many things happened this week, and they may be small in the telling, but they were big in the living. Big Sister got to have a sleep over at Aunt Dude’s house. She spent the whole day Saturday and part of Sunday there, making nuts and bolts (the family version of Chex Party Mix) and watching Dude’s favorite shows (a.k.a., Disney VHS tapes and the Hallmark channel).

She even got to go out and inspect the garden and help prep it for winter in between rain showers.

Meanwhile, Baby Girl was enjoying her Mommy and Daddy time. She has never been an only child. She seemed to enjoy it…

AS I say, she enjoyed it, but she doesn’t recommend it. By bedtime she was mournfully asking “Sissie come home?” She missed her Big Sissie.

So did we! For such a small person she certainly takes up a lot of space, and when she is absent from that space it is a lot quieter and emptier. Dude’s house, on the other hand, was a lot louder and fuller for a day or so. Poor Aunt Dude was exhausted by Sunday Morning.

Life got really busy when our Nanny texted to let us know that she would not be able to come in this week. She had been planning to go on maternity leave soon, but suddenly her OB made the decision to induce her early! We are not sure why, but after a few days and some hard work on her part, (and some prayers on everyone else’s part) everything turned out just fine, and she has a beautiful new baby girl!

The girls are super excited to meet her, but they are going to have to wait until Mom and Baby are feeling up to it. In the meantime, Deo Gratias!

One of Daddy’s projects right now is renewing the front lawn. It has become over-run with weeds and crane flies and the ground is hard and depleted of all essential nutrients, so we have decided to sheet mulch it. We have been saving up cardboard all summer but this takes a lot of biomass, so we are trying to collect the leaves that are falling all over town.

Big Sissie’s school let us pick up their piles of leaves.

You would be surprised how many leaves you can fit in a regular sized pickup truck.

But when you pile them a foot deep, they don’t cover a lot of ground. So we are going to have to find some more.

A LOT more.

We are technically doing it wrong since you are supposed to do it all at once, rather than a little bit at a time, but we have no way to collect or store that much material all at once. It’s also a bit ambitious a size for a first sheet mulch attempt, but that’s what we have to work with. We’ll wing it and see what happens in the spring when we topsoil it and plant it. The goal is to have fewer weeds and a good layer of mulch so that it absorbs our limited summer rain instead of it just running off.

Time passes, things change. New babies come, and our babies are growing up. Look who is sitting up and facing front now!

But they are not as mature yet as Big Sissie fondly imagines she is. Just yesterday Mommy came home to find the writing on the wall, so to speak.

So she made them clean the writing off the wall before they could eat supper.

Just as well for them it was not sharpie. That would have taken a while, and supper was quite delicious.

Garlic sauce and black olives on one half, and stir-fried shallots, black olives, bell peppers, garlic and chanterelle mushrooms on the other side.

And that’s all for this week, folks. We hope y’all have a great weekend. Enjoy the fall time.

God Bless!

Welcome to Family Friday! Fall time is in full swing around here. It has frosted a couple of mornings this week, which was nice and autumnal. And boy have we been harvesting!

The crown of the year is harvest time, and if you cannot enjoy that, you are unlikely to enjoy anything.

John Seymour, “The Self -Sufficient Life, and how to live it.” Pg. 148.
Baby Girl enjoys harvesting apples.

We harvest most of the crop from our two dwarf braeburns.

It did not take long, and for three-year-old trees they produced pretty well.

She picked four apples all her own, and then walked around with them in her bucket taking alternate bites from each one of them.

As I said, that was the easy part. Then we were left with about a hundred apples and an already busy weekend ahead of us… I mean really busy, with thrift shopping and call for Mommy.

It’s also baby sale season again, which means cleaning, sorting and tagging old baby clothes.

And yard work and job searching social events (which turned out to be a waste of time) for Daddy.

All those apples were cored and quartered in a single nap period!

Thankfully it was Squeezo to the rescue! It turns out it is super easy to make applesauce with the squeezo. You simply quarter the apples, boil them until soft, and then run them through the squeezo. Apparently you don’t even have to remove the seeds, although Daddy didn’t know that, and removed all the seeds. Waste of time, that. The squeezo removes them all.

Apples boiling at 5 AM on a Saturday.

We decided not to post a picture of the kids operating the squeezo. Partly because of child labor laws, and partly because we were too busy supervising to take pictures.

The other bit of providential coincidence was that during her thrift shopping, Mommy found another pressure canner that was under $20! Best part is that the bottom platform that the jars rest on is shaped a little differently than the old one so it holds more jars at a time, 8 quarts vs. 5 quarts.

So Mommy and Daddy sprinted through the canning, alternating canners so that at least one was going at all times.

E1 got to help by spreading the table with towels to receive the hot jars.

In less than two hours…

A dozen pints of sweetened, six pints of spiced, and four quarts and a pint of all natural.

Yep, that was some teamwork, right there. That’s the sort of thing that will help your marriage grow.

Sunday we visited Deedee and Papa. I also happened to be Grandma Dolly’s birthday so we went to put flowers on her grave.

However, someone had already put flowers there, and there was only one flower holder, so we put them on Grandma Shirley’s and Grandpa Joe’s grave instead.

Then we went over to Dude’s house and scrounged the last of her beets, and admired her empty garden. The girls ran around and colored with chalk, and even Deedee got in on the chalk coloring action.

The new hip is really working out for her.

During the week we picked up some new bulbs for some renunculus to add to our flower mix, as well as a passiflora incarnata (passionflower var. “Maypop”) vine.

So out we went on a cold and rainy evening to plant more plants. I swear there are more plants than people at this house!

But we don’t mind the rain!

They say in the cold countries, there is no such thing as inclement weather, only insufficient clothing.

Our Maypop went against the back fence between the hammock and the apple trees. Daddy is excited to see how that does next year, since it supposed to grow up to 20 feet in a single season, blossom in May, produce edible fruits in late summer, and die back to almost nothing in winter.

No pressure, little guy.

Well, we shall see.

That fence gets half sun in early spring, but once the maple tree leaves out, forget about. The tiger lilies do really well, but so far everything else has fizzled.

The gladioli did not bloom, and only three of the sunflowers even sprouted, and they are pathetic little things.
Although the one that blossomed is quite pretty.

We’ve had a couple decent frosts this week as well, so we’ve been beginning to prepare our garden to winter. Mostly this means mulching, so Daddy and Baby Girl went to pick up some straw bales.

One of the issues we’ve been having this year with our garden is that it is on a bit of a slope (as is all of our property). The rain or the sprinkler wets the dirt and some of it washes down the hill. Then the sun bakes the top layer to dust during the hot summer days, and the dust blows away. This depletes soil really quickly. You can see the difference in the rockyness of the soil after the growing season compared to before. There are more rocks in the fall than there are in the spring because so much dirt washes and blows away during the summer.

Of course some of the mulch is doing temp duty as decoration.

To mitigate this we are going to cover crop the vegetable portion (more on that later), and are gradually working to build up the ground layer of our flower portion. But in the meantime…


While we were at it, though, we discovered that our huckleberry is coming into berry like that’s its job!

Which is very popular among the younger set.

Snack time!

Last night we ripped out all the bean vines and our few straggly corn stalks. We mulched them up with the lawnmower and threw them in the compost. The beans will provide some excellent nitrogen to balance out the carbon from all that shredded paper we’ve been dumping in recently.

The only vegetables remaining are four ambitious rutabagas, and one heroic acorn squash.

And we chopped up the remainder with hoes, preparatory to sowing our green manure ground cover.

She informed us she “Is going to do all the works you tell me to do so I can get a horse!”
We responded neither yay nor neigh. 😀

Oh, there are also the tomatoes. Yep, here it is, October, and the ginormous heirloom is loaded! It finally seems to have kicked the blossom rot, as did the bigger of the two San Marzano’s, and even our two scrawny heirlooms are all of a sudden like “I’m ’bout to do something!”

If Charlie Brown had a tomato plant, it would look like this.

So, with the frosty mornings, we have taken to covering our tomatoes with trash bags before the sun goes down.

It’s like a New York growing season. Many and many’s the time growing up Daddy had to cover a few dozen tomato pushes with black plastic every night as they set in their last fruit right before Fall started flirting with Winter.

It is great weather for homemade bread with butter, and hot mugs of cider or tea outside on the deck, and porter or stout in the evening.

Not that we very often have the time, but we try to enjoy it when we do.

And that’s all for this week. Have a great weekend, and God Bless! Keep us and Aunty Mate who is recovering from surgery in your prayers.

No, we are not bringing back the Mantilla. She is just experimenting with wearing Sissie’s skirt on her head.
Still, she does look “rahthah mahvelous, dahling.”

Saturday mornings are my favorite.

Usually, Ellie helps Daddy make breakfast. This particular Saturday we made breakfast biscuits, which are super easy.

Start by rendering about 8 oz of Bacon cut small

  • Mix 2 cups of bisquick
  • 1 Teaspoon of baking powder
  • Milk until it is slightly runny
  • The rendered bacon
  • About a cup of shredded Mexican blend cheese

Spray a muffin tin well. Pour the mix in, gently place a slice of Havarti on top of eachand back for about 12 minutes at 450.

Quick, easy, delicious. Then we sat around and relaxed and told puns:

Q: What do you get when you boil a funny bone?

A: A laughing stock!


Evie has developed quite a taste for coloring these days, and she is really quite good at it. It’s one of the few things she will sit still for.

This is the story of St. Valentinus. She likes the wedding picture best.

Sunday evening we went to Aunty Celyn’s annual 4US fundraising dinner. This is always a great time, and the food is always amazing! Auntie Celyn’s mom, Auntie Lynn, is a phenomenal Filipino cook.

On Monday Daddy had the day off so we drove up to Enumclaw to Dude’s house to pick 6 quarts of blueberries.

The week since then has been a whirlwind. Daddy has been working at the armory, trying to organize all the medical supplies. Mommy has been working at her office, and the traffic going past the base has been nightmarish every night.

We are going to do our best to enjoy a very short weekend before Daddy has to take off again. You all have a great weekend. God Bless, and pray for us.

Hurray!!! It’s Friday Again!

Family Friday 178 (8)
Ellie wants to write a letter to Daddy!

You know what that means? One week closer to Daddy coming home!

All right, let’s see, what have we been up to this week? Mommy and the girls went to visit Aunt Dude and Aunt Susie. Daddy called them while they were there.

Family Friday 178 (2)
Ellie is telling Big Sister that Daddy is on the phone, but Evie is glued to the TV.

They played outside and helped Dude and Susie in the garden.

Family Friday 178 (3)
Ellie is such a climber!

Then Mommy and Evie and Ellie went to visit our friend Kim. She was one of Daddy’s classmates in PA school, but now she is graduated and working as a PA. Next month she is going to start a fellowship in pediatric critical care (YAY! Go Kim!). She keeps her pet miniature donkey at a farm near Enumclaw, so she invited the girls to come and meet Neville the Donkey.

Miss Kim showed Evie how to curry comb Neville’s coat.

Family Friday 178 (5)
Just like this, Evie. You have to be gentle.

Neville is a gentle soul, and he does not mind having his hair brushed (unlike some other people we could mention).

Family Friday 178 (2)
Evie is a very good Neville-brusher.

She decided she needs a farm now.

Little does she know, Daddy grew up on a farm. Daddy is a farmer from way back! However, she has brushed more donkeys than Daddy has, so there is that.

Family Friday 178 (4)
Ellie also enjoyed her time on the farm, but she was a little disappointed that Mommy wouldn’t let her eat the pretty flower.

Then on Monday while Evie was at school learning things, Mommy and Evie made mincemeat for some mincemeat pies when Daddy gets home. Evie likes helping Mommy in the kitchen.

Family Friday 178 (3)
She is very good at mixing.

The mincemeat came out looking and smelling delicious.

Family Friday 178 (1)

And now it is all put away until Daddy gets home. (He can’t wait!)

Meanwhile, Evie was working very hard at school. She is learning her letters very well. She recognizes quite a few of them, and when letters come in the mail she can tell which ones are for Mommy and which ones are for Evie. Evie Practicing FHowever, she was a bit confused when she saw Daddy writing a letter over the phone, and she thought it was for her, but it was actually for Ellie. “But that’s my letter E” she said!

We are sorry child. Your first letter is just one of the many, many things you will have to share with your baby sister for the rest of your lives.

Family Friday 178 (5)
This is Evie practicing her counting.

She is fascinated by the fact that you can take one piece of paper and fold it three times to make eight rectangles. Which it is pretty mind-blowing if you think about it.

Evie really likes when Daddy calls with the skype video call because it has little emojis that Daddy can select, and they flash on the screen on her end. Her favorite one is the heart. She calls it, “The loving.”

Family Friday 178 (1)
“Daddy, can you turn on the loving?” “Absolutely!”

Daddy is always willing to turn on the loving (especially for Mommy).

Family Friday 178 (6)
Ellie is so proud of herself! She has a hairbrush and a toothbrush, and teeth to brush, and she can brush them just like Big Sister!

Meanwhile, Daddy is more or less getting by. We had a pretty wild night last Friday evening. These two young soldiers built a cat trap with a cardboard box, a sandbag, a stick and a string.

Family Friday 178 (4)
Any moment now!

And we sat outside for about two hours waiting for a cat to take the bait (strictly catch and release). But it was too cold even for the cats, so no luck.

Family Friday 178 (7)
Ellie says, “Daddy should come home. It’s warmer and more fun.”

And we have more delicious food.

And that’s all for this week, Folks. Have a good weekend, and remember to pray for us. God Bless!

Family Friday 178 (7)
All she needs now is a patient with an ear to look into.


This Family Friday starts with a walk in the park.

Family Friday 169 (1)
See Daddy? I can climb like big Sis!

Evie, not to be outdone…

Family Friday 169 (2)
Daddy! I can climb up here!

It was Ellie’s first time going down a slide all by herself.

Family Friday 169 (3)
She remains unimpressed with the down part, but she loves to try to climb back up.

Meanwhile Mommy and Grandma were going saling at a yard sale, and marketing farmers at a farmer’s market. But when they were finished they joined Daddy and the girls at the park and we started picking blackberries into one of the new antique bowls Mommy bought.

Family Friday 169 (35)
Reach, Daddy, Reach!

It is blackberry season in Western Washington and they are growing literally everywhere, in parks, on the sides of roads, along hiking trails, everywhere.

Family Friday 169 (4)
Berries galore.

Then we turned most of them into jelly, some of them into a pie, and the rest of them into bruiseberry oatmeal bars.

(What is a bruiseberry oatmeal bar, you ask? Simple!!! You make an oatmeal bar with both blackberries and blueberries. Because then its a…

black-and-blue-berry bar!


Family Friday 169 (36)
Straining the seeds out to make jelly.

Evie got an alarm clock.

Family Friday 169 (37)
As advertised, she was quite alarmed when it went off at the end of her nap. 

Evie was hired to perform QC on our blackberry jelly as Mommy made it.

She even tried her hand at making her own jelly upstairs.

Family Friday 169 (40)
It turned out delicious!

But then we suffered… AN INJURY!

Family Friday 169 (41)
Behold. An X-ray.

Poor Grandma was walking down the stairs and she slipped and fell and broke her toe. It was just as Uncle Adam and Aunt Maryanne were on their way to drop Edmund off. Grandma was going to watch the kids, while the younger adults went to a welcome home party for a friend who just got back from deployment. However, no one except Grandma thought it was a good idea for her to be chasing after two toddlers and a 9-month-old with a broken toe. So Ryan stayed home with the kids, Kathleen took Grandma to the hospital, and Uncle Adam and Auntie Maryanne went to the party.

Family Friday 169 (6)
Ellie wants to be in the box with the big cousins!

But we all had a lot of fun, and it looks like Grandma is going to be just fine.

Family Friday 169 (7)
Enjoying some bruiseberry oatmeal bars.

On Sunday we went to the Annual 4US fundraiser at Auntie Celyn’s family’s house. As always the food was amazing and the hospitality was top notch. It was great to see so many old friends.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then we did some regular week stuff. Daddy was on leave so he had plenty of time to do things with the girls. Like:

Family Friday 169 (15)
Teach Evie important life skills, AKA, how to wrap an ankle with an ACE wrap.

Family Friday 169 (16)
Daddy got a sticker for being good.

Family Friday 169 (17)
Taking Ellie to the park.

Family Friday 169 (18)
Blueberry picking at Dude’s house

Family Friday 169 (19)
Ellie hunted blueberries on the ground, but since the ground ones were all rotten, we gave her an apple.

Family Friday 169 (20)
Taking a break to feed the Ellie and rest the foot.

Family Friday 169 (21)
Dude gave us a new laundry basket.

Family Friday 169 (23)
Having fun with lunch.

Family Friday 169 (24)
Swimming in the pool.

Family Friday 169 (22)
That is a ton of blueberries that have to be picked through by hand.

Then on Thursday we drove up to Fort Flagler to see the old historic site.


Family Friday 169 (43)



Family Friday 169 (25)
Evie: “Daddy, please let me out of here!”

Family Friday 169 (42)
Did you get your tickets… to the GUN SHOW?!

Family Friday 169 (26)
Evie got to see some mule deer pretty close. They were very used to being gawked at by small humans.


Family Friday 169 (43)

Family Friday 169 (27)
That look! 😮

Family Friday 169 (44)
Daddy and Ellie setting up the picnic. 

Family Friday 169 (45)
Evie is too busy for picnics. Also too busy to untuck her dress in back.

Family Friday 169 (28)
“This stuff is amazing!”

Family Friday 169 (46)
“I’ll just help myself to this big stack of it. Do you mind?”

Family Friday 169 (47)
Nothing like a wee drop of something after dinner. 

On the way home we stopped at Uncle Adam and Aunt Maryanne’s to chat and pick some of their amazing blackberries.

Family Friday 169 (29)
They have such a nice, secluded little area. It’s great for just relaxing and chilling.

Needless to say, when we got home, the berry situation was a little overwhelming. Rather than make dinner we ordered Papa John’s and got right to work. We made two pies, froze another pie’s worth of blackberries, and Mommy canned four pints of blueberry pie filling that night before bed.

Family Friday 169 (30)


Family Friday 169 (31)
Mommy up early to make blueberry jelly.

It has been a week of canning, in odd spare hours between work and adventuring. Here are some of the good things that resulted.

Family Friday 169 (33)
Blueberry jelly, blueberry pie filling, blackberry jelly, and BBQ sauce.

Daddy has to go on a trip soon, so mostly we have just been enjoying time as a family as much as possible.

Family Friday 169 (32)
Ellie is learning how to help Evie win at Memory.

Ryan and Kathleen went out last night to the graduation party for his PA class. We even decided to get all dressed up for it.

Ryan and Kathleen, all dressed up MEDEX grad party
Ain’t she cute?! Ryan, on the other hand, has a terrible photo smile.

Unfortunately, thanks to getting activated by the National Guard, and then injured, he was not able to graduate with them, but he’ll be back starting next year.

Daddy jokingly told Ellie when she was born that she had to say “Daddy” and learn to walk before he got deployed. He thought he was getting deployed in June, when she was only 6 months old, so he was just joking. But with the deployment postponed and now coming up fast, she is working hard to do as he asked. Her first word was Daddy, and now she is doing this:

And just barely nine months old!

Family Friday 169 (34)
Sitting in the big girl booster chair and eating pizza with Mommy.

We shall see.

That’s all for this week, folks. God Bless! Have a great weekend.



Since last Family Friday the Kraeger family has still been separated across the world. Daddy is off in Asia doing National Guard things. Family Friday 58 7Mostly training skills he will hopefully never have to use again.Family Friday 58 8

In the meantime Mommy and Evie are home, hanging out and enjoying each other’s company.

Family Friday 58 2

They drove up to Aunt Dude’s house on Sunday and Evie stayed overnight while Mommy was on call and working the next day.

Family Friday 58 5

Aunt Dude is lots of fun!

Family Friday 58 4

And all that running around makes Evie so hungry, she eats all of Aunt Dude’s foods.

Family Friday 58 3
She’s a fruits’n’veggies kind of gal.

Evie has her very own potty chair now. She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of using it yet, but she is sitting on it, which is a huge improvement over her reaction to the big toilet. She is afraid of sitting on that one.

Family Friday 58 12

Daddy always tries to call home when he can, usually early in the morning or late at night.

Lopburi Sight Seeing20

Sometimes, though, he is so busy he can’t call, or the phone service goes down. Then he has no one to hang out with but the centipedes.Family Friday 58 6

It’s better when he gets to call home.

Family Friday 58 9

Tired baby girl…

Family Friday 58 10

Last November, one of Kathleen’s co-workers was involved in a tragic accident while out running with a group of friends. His name was Cale Tyler and he was just 31 years old. Last Sunday would have been his birthday. His wife, also another one of Kathleen’s former co-workers, decided to do something in his memory for his birthday. She asked all of their friends and family to do random acts of kindness in honor of Cale, and to tell everyone about it with the #kindness4cale.

Cale was an extremely generous and comical individual, smart and daring. He had stories that could go on for days. He loved being out doors, building, camping, hiking, traveling. He did so many things in his short life, I know that he has inspired others to reevaluate the way they live theirs.

Ryan celebrated #kindness4cale by donating some money towards the completion of a statue of the Buddha and a Buddhist temple.

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Evie and Kathleen didn’t get out much this weekend due to thunderstorms. So for their random act of kindness they purchased a Safeway gift card, attached a note about Cale and why they were giving this card to another complete stranger with hopes that the kindness would spread. They left the card with a customer service representative who gave the card to another family in line to check out.

That’s all for this week, folks. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. God Bless!

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